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Nidek Magellan Corneal Topographer

Nidek’s Magellan Mapper uses the Corneal Navigator developed by Steve Klyce, PhD and Michael Smolek, PhD to screen for nine different corneal conditions including Pellucid Marginal Degeneration and Keratoconus.  Utilizing corneal statistics developed by Dr. Klyce, this neural network software offers capabilities far beyond simple keratoconus screening, which may lead to false positives post operatively and false negatives for Pellucid.

The Magellan Mapper has the highest resolution of any placido topographer, with 60 rings and the industry’s best distribution of 21,600 measured data points.  And the Magellan Mapper accurately tracks without “ring lock” so highly irregular corneas provide meaningful data.

The Magellan Mapper is a clinician’s topographer.  Unlike many topographers, Magellan clearly labels interpolated and extrapolated data.  Magellan exclusively uses color coded offset indices to inform the practitioner of the exam reliability. The advanced low light cone makes exams comfortable for light sensitive patients.  The easy to use one page interface allows the operator to easily and quickly access all data.  The Magellan Mapper is the new industry standard for corneal topography.



Benefits of the Magellan Mapper

Corneal Navigator™: The Magellan Mapper uses its Corneal Navigator™ to screen nine different corneal conditions, including pellucid marginal degeneration and keratoconus.

Automatically determines corneal features and shows, by percentage, the state of the cornea: Normal (NRM), Astigmatic (AST), Keratoconus Suspects (KCS), Keratoconus (KC),

Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD), Myopic Refractive Surgery (MRS), Hyperopic Refractive Surgery (HRS), and Penetrating Keratoplasty (PKP) — gives more objective data for the practitioner, increasing predictive capabilities and diagnostic acumen — especially in borderline cases.



• For unsurpassed resolution and accuracy, the Magellan Mapper features a streamlined 30 ring projector, dual-edge ring finder with an astounding 60 rings detected, 21.600 data points and a high resolution camera (752x582 pixels).

• A full complement of software, including Ortho-K, Corneal Navigator™, and corneal aberrometry.

• Topography data can be viewed in a wide variety of formats and all changes are easily configurable from a single screen.

• Ergonomic design for ease-of-use and reduced examination time.

Pre & Post Surgery

• Analyze Corneal Aberrometry through the Zernike decomposition software

• Fine tune surgical planning and predict outcomes

• Detect main vision defects

• Analyze the PSF (Point Spread Function)

• Evaluate over corrections

• Simulated Eye Chart displays corneal aberration

Diagnosis & Follow-Up

• Automatic assessment of normal and abnormal corneal states

• Classify corneal modifications

• Document and track disease progression over time with the advanced, Keratoconus Severity Index (KSI)


• Nidek Magellan Mapper -




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