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Tyler Lawrence
Our Current Winner is: Tyler Lawrence

When I was 15 years old I started wearing glasses so that I could see the chalkboard in the front of the class. I also wore contacts, off and on, starting at the age of 20 however I really wore my glasses more often than my contacts. What I disliked most about my glasses was that I couldn't wear them when I wanted to play competitive sports. I played football, basketball and soccer in high school and as a result I had to wear my contacts.

The problem with my contacts was that I never really adjusted to the way they felt in my eyes…Also, I hated wearing my glasses while laying bed and wake up the next morning to find them on the ground somewhere, bent from the position I was laying in.

I had concerns with the safety and results of LASIK, but “the staff at IQ Laser Vision made my experience a great one. From the moment I walked in I was taken care of really well. Everyone made sure all my questions were answered and were very professional when checking my eyes...I was the most satisfied with Dr. Lin during the actual procedure. He walked me through the whole process, telling me what was happening every step of the way and was giving positive feedback that made me feel good.

Having my vision restored at IQ Laser Vision is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life besides marrying my wife. I hated my glasses and the burden they bring with them and now I won't have to worry about them…I can't wait to get on the golf course, play basketball and pretty much do anything outside now that everything is so crystal clear.

I would recommend IQ Laser Vision to my friends, my family and to everyone I talk to about LASIK. Everyone owes it to themselves to at least go in for a consultation to even see if you are a candidate. The consultations are free so you’re really doing yourself the favor. I know everyone with glasses has one time or another thought to themselves, "I wish I could get LASIK" - I know I did and I'm so glad I had it done.

I also want to personally thank Dr. Lin. I was really anxious going into this procedure and during it. He was very professional and hearing his voice and the way he walked me through the procedure really calmed me down a lot.

Tyler Lawrence


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A few words about Dr. Robert T Lin's LASIK procedure charitable work...

Dr. Robert T. Lin has always believed in the importance of giving back to his community. Dr. Lin's simple philosophy has always been: To give back to the community is the responsibility and vital aspect of every medical profession.

Devoted full time to refractive surgery, Dr. Lin is the pioneer in ultra-thin flap LASIK, MICRO-LASIK, Trademark #2681144, U.S. Patent Office, and LASEK. The advantages of these published, tissue-conserving techniques are less dry eyes, decreased weakening of the cornea, and more available treatment options. This alternative has opened corridors to numerous people who originally could not undergo the traditional LASIK procedure. Dr. Lin also teaches refractive surgery procedures to ophthalmologists and certifies LASIK surgeons. In addition, Dr. Lin devotes a great deal of his personal and professional time to research, has lectured nationally and internationally, and has published numerous scientific papers in ophthalmology.

Aside from utilizing his free time to improve the LASIK procedure and enabling more people to benefit from vision correction, Dr. Lin is a prominent contributor to various charities throughout the world. He is known in the local community for performing pro bono services to those who cannot afford the vision correction procedure through various IQ Laser Vision programs offered throughout the year. From small congregations, to schools and hospitals throughout the Southland to a variety of international foundations, associations and organizations, such as the Lions Club Sightfirst Campaign II, Dr. Lin continues to perform his community service as not only a medical professional but as a responsible citizen.

Dr. Lin can be reached at: 1-888-539-2211.

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