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IQ Laser Vision’s mission is to enhance the lives of our patients. At IQ Laser Vision, we know there’s a better way because we’ve personally helped over 150,000 patients to see the world through new eyes since our Orange County and Los Angeles County facilities first opened in 1999. Utilizing the state-of-the-art technological advances, the expert doctors at IQ Laser Vision can make it possible for you to achieve your clearest, sharpest vision, safely, quickly, and easily. Once you recognize your right to a lifetime of clear vision and the countless benefits it offers, IQ Laser Vision can do the rest.

Over the last two decades, over 20 million people world-wide have turned to LASIK in order to decrease their dependency from glasses or contacts by treating their nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and even presbyopia. Patients who have undergone laser eye surgery will commonly share that their LASIK procedure was a life-changing experience for them. With the incredible technological advances in LASIK vision correction, LASIK is safer than wearing contact lenses.

Who we are



IQ Laser Vision’s Medical Director and Surgeon is Robert T. Lin, MD, one of the nation’s most trusted, experienced, and caring vision correction doctors. Dr. Lin utilizes the most advanced technology in LASIK procedures, including Topography Guided Custom Micro-LASIK® treatment. Dr. Lin is the innovator of the MICRO-LASIK® procedure, a procedure that specializes in dealing with thin-flap corneas.


With a reputation for excellence, Dr. Lin is one of the most sought after LASIK doctors in the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas. Indeed, many of his patients travel to the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas from out-of-town in order to have their procedures done by Dr. Lin.  With six convenient locations throughout Irvine, Rowland Heights, San Jose, San Marino, Sherman Oaks, Westminster, IQ Laser Vision is here for you, ready to help you realize a life free from contacts or glasses. If you’re ready, we can help you. If you’re unsure, we can guide you.

Meet our team

  • Dr. Erica T. Liu is a Bay Area-native who graduated with honors from the University of California, Berkeley with a...

    Dr. Erica T. Liu, M.D.
  • Dr. Robert T. Lin founded IQ Laser Vision in 1999 with a desire to provide the best vision correction experience...

    Dr. Robert T. Lin
  • Dr. Paul B. Kouyoumjian is a native of Southern California. He obtained his bachelor’s degree at the University of Southern...

    Dr. Paul B. Kouyoumjian
  • Dr. Gregory H. Phan attended the University of California at Berkeley where he graduated with honors with a Bachelor of...

    Dr. Gregory H. Phan
  • Dr. James J. Kao grew up in both New York and California and received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from...

    Dr. James J. Kao
  • Dr. Uyen T. Nguyen received her undergraduate science degree in Biology from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and then...

    Dr. Uyen T. Nguyen
  • Dr. Richard K. Lin, affectionately also known as Dr. Richard at IQLV, has meticulously cared for laser vision correction patients...

    Dr. Richard K. Lin
  • Dr. Michelle D. Tran attended the University of California, Davis where she received her Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology...

    Dr. Michelle D. Tran

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