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Fuss-free vision care across the middle ages for adults 45-59 years

The middle age phase (of life, not of history) are often considered to be the most stressful times of life. Studies show that those in the middle age stage of life tend to experience the highest levels of anxiety and lowest levels of life satisfaction. With childcare, career considerations, teenagers, planning for retirement and a host of […]

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Better vision care for young adults 18-44 years old

Young adults are always on the go. From your day job and post-work meetups; hanging out with friends and changing the world; having adventures and making a difference. You 18-44 year olds don’t have the time to sit still and worry about poor vision. But yours is also the age group when eye problems often begin to […]

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Correcting Presbyopia with the KAMRA Inlay Implant

Time to start the new year without your reading glasses! Do you hear what I hear?  Can you see what I see?  Happy Holiday folks! What a way to end the year! Inside Edition featured the KAMRA INLAY with IQ Laser Vision ’s surgeon, Dr. Robert T. Lin performing the procedure.  So if you struggle with […]

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