Dr. Mai Nguyen, OD

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Dr. Mai Nguyen is a California board-licensed Doctor of Optometry. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley, and after a short foray into the theatrical and performing arts world, she became interested in the ocular sciences after accidentally taking an intro to Optometry course—and she’s never looked back.

Upon graduating from Berkeley, she spent a memorable year working as an ophthalmic technician at IQ Laser Vision before diving full force into the optical world at the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, where she quickly became a visionary leader among her fellow Optometry peers and an expert in vision care.

Following several externships across the Golden State (and Oklahoma), Dr. Mai Nguyen graduated with honors from Western University as a Doctor of Optometry. Her expertise ranges from managing and treating ocular diseases and providing pre- and post-op care for refractive surgery patients, to conducting regular vision exams and educating patients on their importance. We’re pleased that she’s returned to IQ Laser Vision to continue her career.

Dr. Mai Nguyen’s skill and passion for helping others achieve better vision extend beyond our clinics. Over the last several years, she’s volunteered her skills to provide vision screenings to underserved patients as well as free eye exams to hundreds of patients in Guatemala. While in school, she was active as both a student ambassador for the American Optometric Student Association, and Vice President of the Optometric Extension Program (OEP) where she led informational lectures about specialties in the optometric field.

When she’s not helping transform her patients’ vision, Dr. Mai Nguyen loves to sing karaoke, hike, travel and--yes--clean.