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Why Choose IQ Laser Vision?

Our goal is for you to experience a lifetime of the clearest vision possible without the inconvenience, risks and costs of contact lenses and glasses. We combine the most advanced technologies with the most caring, experienced team of surgeons and professionals to deliver a pain-free, permanent, safe 10-minute procedure.

Meet Our Laser Vision Correction Team

IQ Laser Team


We are confident that SMILE at IQLV is the best procedure for you because you will have the most experienced surgeons in the USA delivering amazing results and patient care.

  • The #1 ZEISS SMILE® Laser Vision Center In The USA based on experience and results
  • Our team of surgeons have completed the most SMILE procedures in the USA
  • Over 300,000 laser vision correction procedures and more than 60 years of combined experience

Advanced Technology

At IQLV, we are committed to providing you access to the most advanced technology available today!


  • The latest technology & technique in laser vision correction
  • Comfortable, permanent and quick recovery
  • Less chance of dryness due to the 5x smaller, flapless incision
  • Better night vision

ZEISS VisuMAX Femtosecond Laser

  • Gentle All Laser comfort with no blackout period and less pressure 

All Laser Soft-Touch Comfort Micro-Lasik®

  • IQLV’s trademarked thin flap LASIK technique helps to treat higher prescriptions and minimize dry eyes


At IQLV, we are committed to making your procedure as affordable as possible by offering interest free payments as low as $8 per day or $249 per month. FSA & HSA accepted!

What’s included with your procedure:

  • Thorough preoperative examinations and tests (over $400 value)
  • Postoperative Eye Drops including Antibiotics/Anti-inflammatory/Artificial Tears (over $200 value)
  • LASER Assurance Program ($400 value)
  • Same day procedure options and Saturday availability
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