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Do you have cataracts? Choosing an intraocular lens is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make before having cataract surgery. 

The Light Adjustable Lens is a revolutionary new IOL now available at IQ Laser Vision that provides you with the customized vision you’ve always wanted. 

What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens is the first intraocular lens that allows you to optimize and customize your vision following cataract surgery. The Light Adjustable Lens is made from a special photosensitive material, allowing it to change the shape and power of the lens when it responds to ultraviolet light. 

Following cataract surgery, you’ll be required to wear ultraviolet protective glasses. You’ll need to wear these immediately following your cataract procedure.

You must wear these unless you’re sleeping, and you can temporarily remove your UV protective glasses while showering, washing your face, or applying eye drops. You’ll be able to remove your UV protective glasses 24 hours after your final light treatment.

Using a Light Delivery Device (LDD) to undergo light treatments, you and your eye doctor at IQ Laser Vision can work together to help you achieve your desired vision.

How Does the Light Adjustable Lens Work?

During cataract surgery, you’ll have the Light Adjustable Lens put in your eye. Like other intraocular lenses, it’s implanted in your eye to replace the natural lens and help you see clearly.

Once your eye has healed after cataract surgery, you’ll return to your eye doctor to have your vision tested. Your eye doctor will show you different vision outcomes during this first visit. 

These will be based on your preferences and lifestyle needs following cataract surgery. You’ll select a prescription for the adjustable lens following this.

You’ll undergo proprietary light treatments using the Light Delivery Device to achieve your ideal, customized vision. Each light treatment will help reshape your intraocular lens to the specifications necessary for your desired prescription.

Once you’ve achieved your ideal vision goals, your eye doctor will lock your prescription in with a final light treatment. The Light Adjustable Lens is permanent and allows you to see the world exactly how you want to.

How is the Light Adjustable Lens Different from Other IOLs?

Although many premium intraocular lenses are available, the Light Adjustable Lens is the only one that allows patients to customize their vision. There are no other IOLs available to change your vision following cataract surgery.

With other intraocular lenses, your vision will not change once your new IOL is implanted. Vision is permanent, and there is no way to change or adjust it without a 2nd laser surgery such as LASIK or SMILE.

With the Light Adjustable Lens, patients finally have control over the vision they want. They can see at all distances while ensuring their vision is crisp and clear. 

The Light Adjustable Lens is an especially great option for patients that want to stop depending on visual aids like glasses and contact lenses after cataract surgery. If you’re physically active and love activities like golfing, sailing, or swimming, the Light Adjustable Lens will make it easier than ever before to live your life without limits and boundaries.

What Should I Expect with Light Treatments?

You’ll be placed in front of the Light Delivery Device (LDD) at IQ Laser Vision during light treatments. The Light Delivery Device delivers ultraviolet light to the Light Adjustable Light to adjust your vision. 

Each light treatment you undergo helps your vision get closer to your desired visual goals. Using the Light Delivery Device allows your ophthalmologist to make necessary adjustments and refinements to meet your prescription criteria. 

You’ll undergo your initial light treatment approximately two to three weeks after cataract surgery. You’ll only undergo your first light treatment after healing from the procedure. 

Once you’ve had your initial light treatment, you’ll undergo your second treatment about a week later. Any additional light treatments you may need will be performed about a week after each prior light treatment. 

Waiting between treatments ensures that the changes to your vision have time to set before the subsequent light treatment. Most patients need between three and five total light treatments. 

Each light treatment lasts about 90 seconds. The number of light treatments you need will depend on your desired vision correction. 

After you achieve your optimal vision, your ophthalmologist will lock in the lens power of the Light Adjustable Lens with a final light treatment. With this last light treatment, further changes to your vision will not be possible. 

Once this point is reached, patients should have their desired vision with many years of incredible sight to look forward to!

Who is a Good Candidate for the Light Adjustable Lens?

Although there is a lot to love about the Light Adjustable Lens, it’s not an intraocular lens that is suitable for everyone. You may be a good candidate for the Light Adjustable Lens if:

  • You have cataracts and need to have cataract surgery 
  • You have astigmatism of at least 0.50 diopters
  • You do not have any preexisting macular diseases
  • You are not taking any medications that may make you more sensitive to ultraviolet light
  • You are not currently taking medications considered harmful to the retina
  • You can comply with instructions for wearing UV protective glasses and the recommended schedule of LDD light treatments

Want to learn more about the Light Adjustable Lens? Schedule an appointment by calling IQ Laser Vision in Rowland Heights, CA and other convenient locations, today!

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