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Welcome to IQ Laser Vision & ScottHyver Visioncare – San Ramon

In the heart of Contra Costa County, our San Ramon location serves the needs of patients in Dublin, Pleasanton, Danville, and Walnut Creek. We provide the full spectrum of care to ensure you can complete your laser vision correction journey at our San Ramon office.

Our team is dedicated to patient satisfaction and utilizes the most advanced technology. Are you searching for a LASIK surgeon in San Ramon?

When you choose IQ Laser Vision, you select a practice with over two decades of experience in ophthalmology. Our lead medical director, Robert T. Lin, originally founded IQ Laser Vision in 1999, where it has now become a premier eyecare practice lauded around the country.

LASIK Assurance Commitment Program

We offer a LASIK Assurance Commitment Program to patients in San Ramon and the surrounding areas.

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Vision Correction Options for More Patients

Not every patient will qualify for LASIK, which is why we offer many different vision correction procedures for patients at IQ Laser Vision. You may find out that you don't qualify for LASIK due to dry eyes, thinner corneas, or other candidacy reasons. Although you may not qualify for LASIK, we offer other vision correction options like ZEISS SMILE and EVO ICL. ZEISS SMILE is a quick procedure done in only a few minutes. It is the least invasive laser vision correction option, with many patients resuming everyday activities within a day or two. This advanced eye correction technology has already provided many patients in San Ramon with freedom from visual aids.

The EVO ICL is a revolutionary vision correction procedure that treats nearsightedness and astigmatism, allowing patients to achieve visual freedom thanks to a tiny implantable additive lens. The ICL supplements your natural lens, meaning it does not replace it. Unlike other vision correction procedures like SMILE and LASIK, EVO ICL is reversible. You can remove it from your eye anytime, making it worth the peace of mind it provides. Many patients who find out they don't qualify for LASIK love the idea of the EVO ICL instead.

At IQ Laser Vision, an excellent patient experience is as important to us as a successful procedure.

Superior Results

At IQ Laser Vision, our patients achieve superior results. Over 99% of our patients experience uncorrected vision within 1 line of the best correctable vision, which is 20/20 for most people. 99.9% of patients experience 20/40 vision and post-procedure (minimum to pass a driver's test). Although the national average for enhancement rate is 10%, ours is below 1%.

If you're considering a vision correction procedure like LASIK or SMILE, you can feel confident that you'll receive the best possible results when you choose IQ Laser Vision.

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Unparalleled Safety

Dr. Lin is a pioneer in laser eye surgery technology, including ultra-thin flap LASIK and LASEK. The upside of these peer-reviewed, tissue-conserving procedures is that they result in less dry eyes, less corneal weakness, and more options for laser-assisted treatment.

The Micro-LASIK® procedure, as well as the ZEISS SMILE procedure, offers more patients in the area of San Ramon and surrounding cities more options for safe laser-assisted eye surgery.

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Advanced ZEISS SMILE and LASIK Technology

IQ Laser Vision is one of few centers to use the GALILEI Dual Scheimpflug Analyzer and NIDEK Magellan Mapper to diagnose undetectable conditions in the cornea. These conditions may prevent potential patients in San Ramon and the surrounding area from safely undergoing laser-assisted eye surgery.

We are proud to offer our patients Topography-Guided Custom Micro-LASIK®, which decreases halos and glare. IQ Laser Vision also provides All-Laser Micro-LASIK® technology. All-Laser Micro-LASIK® technology creates an ultra-thin corneal flap. It's much thinner than the corneal flap created during conventional LASIK procedures, which provides access to the stroma during treatment.

IQ Laser Vision is the first and only eye center in California to upgrade to the 400 Hz Eye Tracker for the Nidek EC-5000 laser. These eye trackers ensure that if any patients move their eyes during a procedure, it will not affect their results. Few eye centers in Southern California have invested in this advanced eye tracker technology. All our lasers are serviced by the manufacturers, not third parties, to keep results consistent.

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You Can Afford LASIK

Think that LASIK or ZEISS SMILE are too expensive to fit your budget? Think again!

With our affordable financing options at IQ Laser Vision, it's never been easier to make a laser vision correction procedure fit your budget. You may not know that LASIK and other procedures like it can also save you money in the long run.

Don't believe us? Try out our LASIK Cost Calculator to see how much you could save! For as little as $8/day, you can make your dreams of visual freedom a reality. Schedule your LASIK consultation to find out more about our no-interest financing options!

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