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5 Must-Do Summer Fun Activities


Summer is in full swing now, and we know you’re as excited as us about all the wonderful things just waiting to be done this season. After all, what’s not to love about the long, sunny days beckoning you to step outdoors and soak in a bit of sun (safely of course!).

If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to have fun. I mean, c’mon, when you spend your life opening people’s eyes to the beauty around them, you learn a thing or two about how to enjoy it best.

As you’re creating your summer to-do list, make sure you’ve got these 5 fun activities at the top of the list.

Get your heart pumping with kayaking!

Did you know that kayaking is more than just good, clean fun? It’s also an amazing full-body workout, activating your arms, shoulders, back, hands, chest and abs. Oh, and it is a great workout for your heart too! So grab a paddle, and hit the lake, river or ocean.

Dive on in—the water’s fine!

Pool parties. Beach parties. Cooling down after a long day at the office. There’s something about swimming (whether at the beach or in a backyard) that reminds us of our younger days of splashing around without a care in the world. Feel like getting crazy? Check out a local water should we link to a couple of options? park and jump into some wet and wild fun.

Experience the magic of the cinema!

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t want to miss a moment of summer. But even the most outdoorsy types want to come inside and cool down every now and then. And with summer Blockbuster releases hitting the screen, there’s just something about sitting in a dark, air-conditioned room that strikes a chord of excitement. Or check online to see if your town (or neighboring ones) are hosting any outdoor movie nights that give you the best of both worlds: Summer blockbusters and Summer nights.

Take a hike!

Whether going for a hike, a run or a bike ride, summer seems to be made for enjoying the outdoors. As you happily huff and puff your way to the top to revel in a glorious moment of freedom and ecstasy, you’ll look out at the world below and know that you just did something grand.

See the world!

The world is your oyster, offering a host of fun travel experiences. And if you’re particularly keen on these longer days and making the most of every moment of summer, you might want to head out to Alaska. This time of year, summer is nearly endless. Depending on where you’re at in the state, you can experience anywhere from 18-24 hours of daylight! Feeling a little more exotic? Check out Finland and it’s two months of pure daylight.

Ready to jumpstart your summer (and life) in the best way? Contact our world-renown ophthalmologists today to see what your vision could look like tomorrow so you can make (and enjoy!) your best summer ever. When you call, feel free to pick our brains on great things to do around California, too!

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