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Don’t mess with your eye color: the dangers of permanent eye color change (Part II)


Welcome back. This week, we’re picking up where we left off discussing the dangers of eye color-change surgeries. If you missed part I, you can find it here. Without further adieu, let’s jump right in.

One study of a small sample of people showed that patients who underwent iris transplant surgery experienced some sort of complication, such as inflammation in the eyes, corneal swelling, corneal injury, cataracts, glaucoma or partial or complete blindness.

Numerous studies have shown a number of risks and complications associated with the iris-implant procedure. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, one study showed that 9 of 14 patients ended up needing to remove their implants due to complications. And while patients using it for medical rather than cosmetic purposes are also at risk of these complications, these complications often pale in comparison to the issues patients faced before surgery.

The complications could include:

  • Pressure buildup in the eye (which could lead to glaucoma)
  • Cataract clouding of the lens
  • Eye infection requiring removal of the eye
  • Corneal scratches, scarring or inflammation
  • Iris inflammation that could result in pain, tearing or blurry vision
  • Low vision or blindness

There are many stories meant as warnings against seeking out permanent eye color change surgeries for cosmetic purposes. Here’s a quick look at the people, the complications, and their thoughts on the procedures.

Stories of color change surgery gone wrong

Nadinne Bruna: Instagram Model, Nadinne Bruna, went partially blind after undergoing a cosmetic eye color surgery in Colombia. Following the surgery to change her healthy eyes from hazel to light grey with silicone implants, she realized she’d made a big mistake. The irreparable damage left her with 80% vision loss in one eye and 50% in the other.

Shenise Farrell: Londoner Shenise Farrell traveled to Panama for an iris-implant procedure to change her eyes from dark brown to light brown. Following the procedure, she was left with partial vision loss. When she opened her eyes, everything was blurry. Her eyesight continued to decline when she returned home, forcing her to undergo surgery again to remove the implants to avoid permanent vision loss.

Unnamed American woman: Yet another story recalls an American woman who traveled to Latin America to achieve her coveted blue eyes only to be left with vision loss, malformed pupil and iris tissue damage.

Tiny Harris: Though reality-tv celebrity Tiny Harris reported happiness with her results following the iris-implant surgery, she later reported that the long-term results weren’t the best.

Read additional stories of patients who suffered complications from the dangerous surgery here.

While some companies are trying to gain FDA approval for the procedure for cosmetic purposes, we’re dubious that it will be given because of the many reported complications, and the riskiness associated with the procedure. We highly recommend that people talk to their ophthalmologist before making any decisions that could put their vision at risk.

While ophthalmologists will highly encourage their patients to avoid cosmetic eye color changes, they aren’t the only ones against it. The American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists and the American Glaucoma Society also recommend patients avoid this course to save their vision.

Don’t go chasing down some hyped up procedures that aren’t approved in the U.S. as safe. There might just be a reason why it hasn’t been approved, and we’d hate for you to find out the devastating way. Permanent vision loss is not something to play around with. Strong, healthy eyesight is important for being able to live everyday to its fullest. And choosing to have a known, high-risk procedure for cosmetic reasons just doesn’t make sense.

A simple, safe FDA-approved way to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes

If you want to optimize the look of your eyes, there are FDA-approved procedures to enhance the natural beauty you already have. Your eyes are the windows to your deepest self, and by removing barriers, like glasses, you can create a whole new world between others and yourself.

If you have questions about cosmetic procedures for your eyes, talk to your eye care professional. The FDA oversees procedures like LASIK and SMILE to improve vision. The FDA has also recently given pre-approval for SMILE as a treatment for astigmatism.

Have questions or want to book a consultation? Give our internationally-known team a call at (888) 539-2211, or book online here.

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