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LASIK Patients Can Still Have Cataract Surgery


There is an increasing concern from patients regarding getting LASIK in their young adult life and the possibility of having to undergo cataract surgery as they get older. LASIK has been around for nearly two decades now and this has brought about the issue of pioneer LASIK patients who are now having vision issues due to advanced aging.

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Post-LASIK patients are candidates for multifocal or accommodating IOL technology. Although there may be a slight chance that patients may require an enhancement to restore perfect refractive outcome. The conditions would depend on individual patient case and measurements.

LASIK surgery is a procedure that only affects the cornea, the dome shaped transparent tissue at the front of the eye. The laser reshapes the cornea so it will bend light rays, bringing it to focus and resulting in clearer vision.

Cataract surgery is performed on the natural lens inside your eye. The lens, where the cataract forms, is located right behind the colored part of your eye, also referred to as the iris. Cataracts cause a cloudy appearance in our visual field. Artificial lenses are implanted to remove cataracts and using the correct measurements and power, many people regain clear vision without glasses after a cataract procedure.

For patients who have had LASIK surgery, the only difference is the precise calculation required by your cataract surgeon to determine the lens power a patient needs. It is important to find a good reputable surgeon to perform your cataract procedure. Patients need to provide their surgeons with their complete medical records pertaining to their past LASIK procedure as additional calculations will be required to obtain the most accurate lens. Records of a patient’s pre and post LASIK eye prescriptions are invaluable in making this determination, including measurements of the cornea’s curvature. All this information should be included in the medical records that can be provided by your LASIK doctor.

Successful cataract surgery is possible for people who have had LASIK. It is important to know and trust your LASIK surgeon going into your LASIK procedure because they will play an imperative role in your future should you require cataract surgery.

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