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Congressmember Judy Chu Presents IQ Laser Vision with a Certificate of Congressional Recognition

Exciting news from IQ Laser Vision! We are honored to have Congressmember Judy Chu, one of our satisfied patients who got her LASIK from us, to attend our event and present us with a certificate of congressional recognition. We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our new flagship surgery center, where we provide […]

Here’s Why Clear Vision with LASIK Can Cost as Little as $8 a Day!

Do you love the idea of waking up every morning with the kind of crisp, clear vision you’ve only dreamed about? You can make these dreams a reality with a permanent laser vision correction procedure like LASIK! But how do you pay for LASIK and not break the bank? The answer may surprise you. Keep […]

Why Not Put Yourself First and Get ZEISS SMILE Before the Year Ends?

It may be the season for giving, but don’t forget about yourself during the holidays. Have you ever lamented waking up in the morning and needing to use glasses or contacts to see? Are you frustrated that you need to bring a spare pair of glasses everywhere, just in case? What if you could say […]

If I Don’t Qualify for LASIK, Should I Think About the EVO ICL Instead?

Did you recently find out you don’t qualify for LASIK? Although LASIK is the most popular vision correction procedure, others are available! Many people who aren’t suitable for LASIK find they are a better fit for the EVO ICL. Keep reading to find out why you should consider the EVO ICL even if you don’t […]

Why Using ArcScan Sets Apart EVO ICL Procedures

Are you interested in a vision correction procedure that provides visual freedom? Here at IQ Laser Vision, we offer many of these procedures, but one way we set ourselves apart during EVO ICL procedures is with the ArcScan Insight 100 device. Keep reading to discover why using ArcScan sets EVO ICL procedures apart and means […]

Are There Any Symptoms of Cataracts to Watch Out for?

Cataracts are something that almost everyone will have to deal with as they get older. You may not even realize you have them at first! Many things that people assume are signs of aging are some of the signs of having a cataract. Keep reading to find out if there are any symptoms of cataracts […]

What Should I Look For When I’m Choosing a Refractive Surgeon?

There are a few things to consider when contemplating having a vision correction procedure like LASIK or SMILE. One of these is who will perform your procedure. You don’t want just anyone to perform a vision correction procedure! But what you should you look for when choosing a refractive surgeon? Keep reading to learn more!

Why LASIK Puts Summertime Sadness to Rest in San Francisco

There’s nothing like the feeling of waking up with crisp, clear vision! But if you wear glasses or contact lenses, more goes into seeing the world around you. Want to make things easier for yourself? The first step is to find out if you’re a good candidate for LASIK! If you live in San Francisco, […]

How Much Does LASIK Cost, Anyway?

Do you dream of a day where you can wake up without needing glasses or contact lenses to see? This can be your new permanent reality if you qualify as a good LASIK candidate! However, one of the things that keep people from even considering LASIK is the cost. But there’s a lot more to […]

8 Ways Having LASIK Changes How You Look at San Francisco

Do you love San Francisco but feel like your vision holds you back? If you wear glasses or contact lenses, it can feel like you’re not seeing the world around you properly. The good news is that you can have LASIK if you’re a candidate, providing you with your best vision yet! Keep reading for […]

What is the EVO ICL, and is it Right for Me?

Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts? If you’re considering a vision correction procedure, there’s a good chance you may have heard of the EVO ICL.  FDA-approved in the USA on March 25, 2022, the EVO ICL is an implantable lens made of a collagen-based material that corrects common visual errors like myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. […]

How LASIK Changed the Lives of These 3 Influencers

Have you thought about getting LASIK but haven’t been able to follow through with it? There are many reasons to consider having LASIK, but almost everyone who has had it agrees that the procedure has changed their lives. What you may not realize is that many of your favorite influencers and vloggers have had LASIK […]

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