4 Ways that Getting ZEISS SMILE Illuminates Fall in San Francisco


Fall is arguably the best time of the year, especially in San Francisco. If you love the changing seasons, you’ll love them even more after improving your vision with a procedure like ZEISS SMILE.

Keep reading to learn more about ZEISS SMILE and 4 ways that getting ZEISS SMILE illuminates fall in San Francisco!


Before discussing ways that ZEISS SMILE illuminates fall in San Francisco, you need to have some background information about what ZEISS SMILE is. ZEISS SMILE is a vision correction procedure that corrects nearsightedness and astigmatism.

Unlike LASIK, which involves creating a flap, ZEISS SMILE makes a lenticule in the cornea. A lenticule is about the size and shape of a contact lens, and your surgeon at IQ Laser Vision will create the lenticule and remove it from your cornea.

Removing the lenticule reshapes your cornea, which corrects your refractive errors and gives you the crisp, sharp vision you’ve always wanted. But ZEISS SMILE does more than that because a crucial component of what makes it so successful is that it corrects your vision beyond your original prescription.

It’s no accident that most ZEISS SMILE patients have 20/20 vision or better. Plus, when you get ZEISS SMILE with IQ Laser Vision, you’re choosing the best because we’re the #1 ZEISS SMILE laser vision center in the country. That’s hard to beat if you’re looking for incredible visual results!

Will I Qualify for ZEISS SMILE?

So, now the question is if you’re a good candidate for ZEISS SMILE, right? You may be a good ZEISS SMILE candidate if:

  • You’re at least 18 years old
  • You’re nearsighted, have astigmatism, or both
  • You have healthy eyes, especially your corneas
  • You have a stable prescription that’s remained unchanged for a year or more
  • You have realistic expectations about what ZEISS SMILE could achieve if you undergo it
  • You’re an athlete looking for an easy vision correction procedure that you can bounce back from quickly

Do you think you could be a good ZEISS SMILE candidate? Schedule your consultation at IQ Laser Vision in San Francisco now!

Now that you know all about ZEISS SMILE, let’s talk about some of the reasons why getting ZEISS SMILE illuminates fall in San Francisco:

1.    Find Tranquility at the Japanese Tea Garden

There’s something about the Japanese Tea Garden that brings peace and tranquility with every visit. Maybe the sight of the koi ponds, cherry blossom trees planted along the well-manicured paths, or a zen garden brings that feeling.

Whatever it is, you’ll love how crisp and clear everything around you looks after ZEISS SMILE. You’ve never seen anything like this before!

Colors will be more vibrant, making the delicate plants look more beautiful than you thought possible, while you can pick up the tiniest details. Take a breath, let it out, and relax.

After ZEISS SMILE, there’s no long recovery to worry about, so you can do these amazing things in San Francisco after only a day or two!

Find out if you’re a good candidate for ZEISS SMILE by taking the self-test now!

2.    Longboard Through the City

California is the home of longboarding; if you’ve never tried it, San Francisco is one of the best places to try it out! Golden Gate Park is one spot where you can get a knack for this skill while polishing up your downhill skating.

You’ll have no problem riding down steep hills after ZEISS SMILE because your vision will be clearer and more pristine. Say so long to glasses sliding down your face, which would be a true detriment while longboarding!

Instead, you can get where you need to go in style without worrying about whether you’ll break your glasses or if your contact lenses will dry out. Isn’t clear vision without boundaries grand?

3.    Curl Up with a Good Book at the Booksmith

It won’t feel like fall until you’re nice and cozy. One of the best ways to achieve this feeling is curling up with a book at a place like the Booksmith.

The Booksmith was made for people who love books. You’ll be greeted with stacks of books when you enter its doors.

Finding a place to sit down and enjoy a new favorite will be no problem, thanks to the sun-drenched natural light pervading everywhere you turn and the helpful staff waiting when you need a hand. If you consider yourself a bibliophile, everything from the smell of the pages as you turn them, spending an afternoon surrounded by the possibilities of books you could read, or simply walking into a new bookstore will fill you with joy.

Getting ZEISS SMILE will be especially conducive to this because you’ll have better vision after the procedure. No longer will you have to deal with blurry vision because you spent hours reading, and your contacts took the brunt of the fall.

Instead, you won’t need contact lenses anymore. Your vision will be significantly better, meaning you can spend far more time reading and less time thinking about where you put your glasses since you won’t need them, either.

That’s the beauty of ZEISS SMILE: it helps you achieve visual freedom. You may even find that you can read faster because you won’t have frames poking into your field of vision, making it even easier to immerse yourself in the world of your favorite novel!

4.    Peruse the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Even though the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is open year-round in San Francisco, you’re sure to find some incredible goodies in the fall. After all, that’s the perfect time for some squash, pumpkins, and other autumn produce.

The colors will undoubtedly be bright and resplendent in golds, deep crimson reds, and oranges that will brighten your home and welcome this vibrant season of the year. One of the things that many ZEISS SMILE patients comment on is how much more depth of color they can see.

Sure, you could see just fine when you wore visual aids, but if you’re ready to see with a depth you’ve never experienced, it’s time to see what ZEISS SMILE could give you. Whether it’s better depth perception, improved contrast, or simply seeing how vibrant colors can be, something is life-changing about seeing the richness life can offer you.

Take your life to the next level by requesting your ZEISS SMILE consultation at IQ Laser Vision in San Francisco today! Haven’t you lived with basic vision for long enough?

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