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5 Staycation ideas to beat the back-to-school blues


Summer vacation has come and gone. And that means that the long, carefree days, the exotic trips and the fun and adventure have come to an end. Or have they? Just because summer is over and school is back in swing doesn’t mean you have to relegate yourself to a fate of the same-old.

Whether you’re a student or a parent of a student, you can avoid the back-to-school blues by instituting weekly or monthly staycations. Haven’t heard of this trend? Staycations are an easy, time-economical way to unplug and give yourself the mental break you deserve. And while there’s nothing wrong with having a Netflix binge-watching day, there’s a whole lot of life to explore. And we’ve got some ideas.

Here are 5 great staycations to keep you sane at the end of summer and beyond.

Spend the day at the beach

If you’re anywhere near Southern California, you know that September doesn’t mean the chill of Autumn is settling in. Often it means the hottest months are ahead of us. And that means donning your bathing suit and grabbing a book, a friend or your bike and heading down to the beach could be just what the doctor would have ordered if he knew you needed a time-out from school and stress. Even if the weather is cooling down around you, there’s just something about hearing the waves crash on the shore that is just oh so relaxing and therapeutic. Just be sure to stay sun-savvy and pack your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen, no matter what the weather.

Book a sunset harbor cruise

Harness the freedom of the sea by grabbing some friends and hopping on a harbor cruise. Whether it’s a whale watching or dinner cruise, you’ll have time to chill and enjoy into the cyclical mystery of the ocean—and feel mentally and physically refreshed at the end of it all. Put on your snazziest sunglasses to block out any remaining rays of UV light, don your biggest smile and enjoy.

Go hiking

Nature has a way of rejuvenating us from the inside out. Research has actually shown that being out in nature has a positive effect on your physical and mental health. There’s just something about open spaces that beats the stress, makes us happier and increases creativity. So if you’re feeling a bit cramped in your new routine, make some time to head to the great outdoors. Or on a smaller scale, head over to your local park (or golfing range!) for some green-driven “you” time.

Throw a party

Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean the fun and celebration must follow suit. Host a “just-because” barbeque or potluck to bring friends and family together. They probably need the break just as much as you do. Or check out these festivals and large-scale events to get the celebratory feels you need right about now.

Take a weekend trip to a new town

There’s nothing like experiencing new places to shake us out of the rut of the same-old. Who says you need a week in Cabo or a month in Europe to go sightseeing and rediscover yourself. Drive out to a new town and explore. Are beach towns your thing? Craving a little rustic mountain time? How about the desert? Research fun things to do around the town of choice and explore away. Feeling creative? Start a “staycation travel blog” to document your adventures!

If you want to make your staycation, school year and life the best it can be, contact our team today to see how improving your vision can improve your life. Call us at 888-539-2211 or email us at appointment@iqlaservision.com.

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