ArcScan Insight 100: Retest Your Eyes For LASIK or SMILE Candidacy


We’re so excited to announce our newest piece of equipment that will enable us to help as many people as we can improve their vision for the long-term.

We know, you’re probably wondering why you should care about a piece of equipment at an eye clinic? After all, isn’t that just something an ophthalmologist would get excited about? Well, we’re definitely excited, but we’re about to share why you should be too (and why you should share this article with your friends and family!).

What is the ArcScan Insight 100?

The ArcScan Insight 100 device is a very high frequency imaging system that was developed by ArcScan, Inc. Currently, there are only five such devices in the entire U.S. Three of them are owned by the U.S. Military, and two of them are owned by vision centers—one of which is our very own IQ Laser Vision .

The advanced imaging device gives us the ability to take the most accurate scans of your eyes, enabling us to see and understand more about your vision than ever before.

Maybe you’ve been tested for a LASIK or SMILE eye procedure in the past, or maybe you’ve read articles on the web that made you think you wouldn’t be a good candidate for a LASIK or SMILE procedure. Here’s the thing: tests are only as accurate as the equipment that is being used—and that equipment is based on available technology as well as a vision center’s ability to secure the latest technology.

That means that previous tests may not have provided the most accurate picture of your eye that is now possible with the ArcScan Insight 100. And that, my friend, means that you might actually be a great candidate for a LASIK or SMILE procedure—but former eye scans didn’t have the accuracy and high enough resolution to show that.

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Re-test your LASIK or SMILE candidacy

With this top-of-the-line technology, we are able to test or re-test your vision and determine if you are a candidate for a laser vision correction surgery—even if you’ve been turned down for it before. That’s not just great news for you: for us, it means we can continue fulfilling our vision of helping the most people achieve vision success and see 20/20 in 2020.

The technical gobbledygook, broken down into real English

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We’re sure you’d love to know the details, so we’ve broken it down from techni-speak so everyone can readily understand exactly what the ArcScan Insight 100 does, and what it can do for you, your family and friends (though by all means, if you love the technical stuff, let us know and we can provide you with a detailed brochure!).

  • Improved safety and surgery outcomes
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LASIK and SMILE procedures are already completely safe with high levels of success—especially if you have a procedure done with a world-renown surgeon, or at the top SMILE center in the U.S. (that’s our shameless plug, because we’re pretty proud of our experience, our team and our technology!). But the ArcScan Insight 100, believe it or not, can improve upon the safety and outcome of vision correction procedures because we begin with the most precise image of your eyes.

  • No-contact ultrasound

The ArcScan Insight 100 provides a contact-free ultrasound of your eye. It’s fast, and doesn’t require any goopy ultrasound gels because we aren’t even touching your eye. In only minutes, we’ll be able to see the true anatomy of your eye, including behind the iris, which no other optical technology can do.

  • Measure and analyze your vision
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The ArcSan Insight 100 has built-in measurement tools to create precise maps of the cornea that measure the thickness of the corneal layer, the epithelium and the stroma. These tools also measure “horizontal”, “vertical”, “angle” and “arc” dimensions. Translation: we are able to achieve a very precise image of your eye that provides an accurate assessment of the type of vision correction that will be the best prescription for your personal eye care.

  • High-resolution images of your eyes

The ArcScan Insight 100 achieves the highest resolution scan of your eyes possible. For you electro-philes out there, it uses a very high frequency 50MHz ultrasound transducer.  Translation:We get the most accurate picture of your eye so we can help you understand and make the best decisions for your vision and life.

Otherclinical benefitsof the precise imaging, mapping, and measurement tracking include:

  • Early glaucoma management
  • Improved ICL/IOL sizing
  • Keratoconus screening
  • Inlay evaluations

What is testing like with the ArcScan Insight 100?

Like other eye equipment you may already be familiar with, the device has a chin rest for you to comfortably position yourself to look into the center of the EyeSeal portion of the device. The EyeSeal is disposable to prevent contamination from person to person. The high-frequency transducer painlessly scans your eyes in an arc-motion, and voila! Within a few minutes the testing is complete and we’re ready to talk to you about your eyes.

Who knew that technology could be so exciting?!

For anyone who ever lamented the fact that they were told they shouldn’t get a LASIK or SMILE procedure, for anyone who’s read articles that made them wary about their own candidacy, and for anyone who’s ever considered having a LASIK eye surgery, we have a special invitation for you:Come in for a free consultation and test that will give you the highest degree of accuracy to determine if a LASIK or SMILE procedure is the right option for you.

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Ready to take control of your vision in 2020? Contact our amazing team to schedule your test (or retest) to determine if you are a candidate for PRK, LASIK or SMILE. Give us a call at 888-539-2211 or email us at [email protected]. It may just be the best way to show your eyes some self-love this year and thank them for all the hard work they do every day.

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