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Escaping the Life Behind the Lens: 4 Stories of Happily Ever After


Living life with accessory lenses can be a hassle. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you already know this. Having to constantly clean your glasses, remove lenses to go swimming, or try to find your misplaced glasses right when you need them most are just a few of the major frustrations that go along with wearing lenses.

Do you struggle with poor vision (or just plain bad eyesight)? Our patients were once just like you–and they have thousands of great stories and great news for you. What is it, you ask? Happy to tell you. It’s that “happily ever after” isn’t just for them–it could be your own story too.

We’d like to introduce you to just a few of our happy patients who are now seeing better than ever thanks to laser vision correction procedures!

“The ‘SMILE’-ing Business Development Manager”

What was your vision like before your procedure?

I always knew my vision was bad; I couldn’t function without my contacts or glasses. When taking a vision test I couldn’t even see the big “E”. I knew it was there, but to me, it looked like a blob. My vision was a -3.75 with astigmatism in both eyes. I started wearing glasses when I was in elementary school (and hated to wear them!). My vision just got worse over the years because I wouldn’t wear my glasses. I began wearing contacts when I started high school, but I had extreme Dry Eye because of them. Due to the dry eyes, my eyes were very sensitive to light.

Why did you decide to take control of your vision?  

I decided to take control of my vision because I was tired of not being able to see. I was so reliant on my contacts that I would wear them all the time (even to sleep most of the time!). I hated not being able to see, and wearing contacts seemed to solve that problem–at least for a while.

What I was never told is that overusing contacts would take its toll on my vision. And it did. The contact lenses were drying out my eyes, and the excessive use was creating a condition called GPC (Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis). Basically, bumps had formed on the inside of my eyelids due to an allergic reaction to either the contact lenses or solution.

As a result, I had to stop wearing contacts. I have two small children and glasses aren’t a great option with kids. My kids would always touch them, smudge them and try to pull them off my face. It got old really fast and I knew I had to take control back and finally do what I had wanted to do for so many years.

How has your new vision changed your life?

It’s amazing to be able to wake up every morning and just to be able to see. Before this, I couldn’t remember what that felt like since I had been reliant on my glasses and contacts for so many years. I’ve always enjoyed swimming, though it had become difficult to do with my contacts. Now, I have no issues.

One of my main concerns had been my dry eyes. That’s why I opted to do the SMILE procedure, and haven’t had any issues with dryness since. I still can’t believe such a quick and simple procedure could change my life so much.

With every day that passes, I forget more about the past life I had lived. Everything is so much easier, clearer and worry-free. I love traveling with my family, though one of my main fears had always been forgetting to pack enough contacts or my back-up glasses. But now, I don’t have to worry anymore.

What would you share with others about your experience?  

I would say “Don’t wait. Don’t let things like fear prevent you from making the best decision of your life.” The reason I chose IQ Laser Vision is that I believe in what they stand for: “Transforming lives by delivering clear vision,” which is exactly what they did for me.

The staff is amazing and the surgeons are even more amazing. Their reputation speaks the truth. I trusted them with my eyes and would recommend them to everyone (including my brother, who experienced his own vision transformation thanks to IQ Laser Vision !).

“The Personal Trainer”

What was your vision like before your procedure?

My vision before LASIK was -4.25 in both eyes. I wore contacts a majority of the time and glasses during the night time. Without contacts or glasses, I couldn’t see a thing!

Why did you decide to take control of your vision?

I am a certified personal trainer and also a part-time server at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach. I live a very active lifestyle so always having to worry about contacts was always a hassle, especially during my workouts at the gym and while training my clients.

Because I work such long hours, having contacts in all day would either dry out my eyes or start to give me headaches. I figured it was time. I saw how happy it made my girlfriend with her LASIK surgery and after seeing how well she was treated at IQ Laser I knew that this was the exact place for me to go.  

How has your new vision changed your life?

Life is amazing! It’s so great to be able to wake up and be able to see everything! Sometimes I still find myself reaching for my glasses but remember that I don’t need them anymore.

What would you share with others about your experience?

There’s a reason why IQ Laser Vision is the “Best in the West!”… PERIOD!

“The HR Professional”

What was your vision like before LASIK?

My vision was in the -4.5 to -5.5 range. I did not like wearing glasses because they got in the way and would make me dizzy.

Why did you finally decide to get treatment for your vision?

I wore contacts majority of the time but they were extremely uncomfortable and made my eyes really dry. It was becoming a nuisance.

I was scared LASIK would be painful but I had friends who recommended IQ Laser Vision and told me about how pleasant of an experience they had.

What’s better about your vision and life since getting LASIK?

I love being able to wake up and see without having to worry about finding my glasses. I don’t have to think about packing my glasses or contacts for trips. My eyes just feel so much better!

What would you say to someone considering LASIK, but afraid of it?

It’s not as scary as it seems. The procedure is quick and painless. It’s definitely worth it–and it’s life changing!

“The Thrillseeker”

What was your vision like before your procedure?

In one sense, I was considered a high-risk case. My vision was -13 without glasses. I had a lazy left eye and high astigmatism at -3.75.

Why did you decide to correct your vision?

Most doctors I’ve visited denied my case due to the high risk. But Dr. Lin accepted my case and gave me confidence that after the ICL procedure my best-corrected vision would be 20/20 in the right eye and 20/40 in the left, due to the lazy eye condition. Also, Kelly Hearn, perhaps the best consultant, provided me many financial options and confidently walked me through the entire procedure from start to finish.

How was your vision after the ICL procedure?

As of now, it has been six years since my ICL procedure and my vision exceeded the predicted vision with 20/20 in my right and 20/30 in my left (despite the lazy eye condition).

How has your new vision changed your life?

With this newfound vision I achieved, my world has expanded greatly to things I couldn’t experience before. I can now play sports and exercise with ease without having to worry about my glasses getting destroyed, in the process leaving me blind. Enjoying roller coasters at theme parks has never felt better either. In other words, after the ICL procedure, it was pretty much a 180° to the way I see and feel the environment.

What would you share with others about your experience?

I have nothing but respect for and confidence in Dr. Robert Lin and the entire IQ Laser Vision staff. I would definitely recommend IQ Laser Vision to anyone who has considered taking a step forward to a greater vision.

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