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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Life-Loving Mom


Mom. Mommy. Mama. Mother. Ma. Mum. No matter what you call her, you know that the mom figure in your life deserves so much more than anything that can be wrapped in a box—which is probably why you’re still searching for that perfect gift.

But have no fear. Mother’s day may be nearly here, but there’s still time to show Mom how much you care with that gift that’s almost as perfect as she is—and one that keeps on giving.

Here are our top 5 picks for the perfect last-minute gifts for your life-loving mom that will last beyond Mother’s Day alone.

The gift of vision: LASIK

Good vision is vital for enjoying life to the fullest and being able to take in every stunning moment everyday—glasses-free (and contacts too). With age, vision becomes less sharp, and we typically turn to glasses or contacts to ease our way through the day. Studies have shown that LASIK is safer for your eyes than wearing contact lenses every day. LASIK eye correction can give your mom the optimal vision she needs to go through her day, worry-free. LASIK is fast, and doesn’t require much down time so your mom can be in and out and on with her fabulous life. Check it out here.

The gift of fitness: ClassPass Gift Card

Fitness is trending, but unlike many trends, it’s more than just a passing fad because healthy living is always in style. No, we’re not talking about spending hours at the gym getting ripped. We’re talking about doing something fun while getting a healthy boost for the rest of your day and life. There’s no better way to enjoy life more than being healthy. With a ClassPass card, your mom can mix and match classes at boutique fitness studios around town. Check it out here.

The gift of worry-free food prep: Hello Fresh Subscription

Eating and drinking life to the fullest should only be done with the most quality foods. Give your mom the break she deserves with a subscription to Hello Fresh. The meal prep delivery service wants you to “Say Hello to Easy Home Cooking” in the healthiest ways. Your mom can choose between 15 chef-curated recipes every week, and just like magic, all the ingredients and recipes will appear at her door—no shopping trip needed. Check it out here.

The gift of natural beauty: Flowers

Studies show that being in nature can reduce stress and anxiety and make us happier. So bring nature to your mom with some living, breathing plants—and enjoy her smiles. A bouquet of flowers is pretty for sure. But it will be dry out within a few days and be forgotten. If you’re opting for flowers this year, stop by your local nursery instead of the flower shop to pick out a beautiful flowering plant that will bloom year after year, and remind her of you. Check out the list of nurseries here.

The gift of “me” time: Pottery class (or any kind of class)

We can get so busy in our lives (especially true of moms) that we forget to chill out and have some fun. Sign up your mom for some kind of class you think she’d enjoy (or that she’s mentioned before—hopefully you were listening!). Pottery classes, cooking classes, fencing classes. She’ll love the thought and the reason to get out of the house and focus on herself for awhile. Check it out here.

This Mother’s Day, make it a point to show your mom that she is everything to you with a gift that she can enjoy month after month and year after year.

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