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The What and When of Vision Independence Day


Summer is around the corner. And that means Independence Day is too—the day Americans everywhere celebrate freedom from tyranny that kept us from achieving our potential as a new nation and as Americans.

But as we start to make vacation plans and put together invites and plans for one of the biggest bashes of the year, we’ve got something else on our minds too. Vision Independence DaySM.

What is Vision Independence DaySM?

Vision Independence DaySM is a term we coined after thousands of patients raved about the results they’ve achieved through LASIK. Once they were trapped by glasses, contact lenses and the inconvenience (and sometimes dangers) of poor vision. Then they decided to take the step toward declaring their freedom, and their right to be who they truly are: confident, beautiful, visionaries—glasses-free. Our very own Dr. Robert Lin has been celebrating his Vision Independence DaySM for more than two decades now, thankful every day that his vision is 20/20 vision.

What does Vision Independence DaySM feel like?

Here are just a few of the life-changing stories that our patients have shared with us.

“I’m so glad I did LASIK, and it is definitely life-changing. I love waking up in the morning not having to worry about my glasses or contact lenses, and being able to do my daily activities without any worry.”  — Pau Dictado, Fashion Blogger Read her full testimonial here

“I’m very happy with the results – not only do I no longer have to deal with the hassle that comes with wearing contacts and glasses, but now my vision is better than ever. Having the procedure done was one of the best decisions of my life and my only regret is not coming into IQ Laser Vision sooner.” — Robert Chai, UCLA Football Center Read his full testimonial here

“I was tired of glasses falling off my face, contacts drying out and remembering to take them out before going to bed. All that was history when I went to see Dr. Lin at IQ Laser Vision … Now I see better than ever, it was completely painless and took only a few minutes! I was back to work with Steve Harvey the very next day! How much longer are you going to wait to take care of your eyes and become Dr. Lin’s next happy patient?!” — Shirley Strawberry, Co-host Steve Harvey Morning Show  Read her full testimonial here

“…Honestly, having this procedure done was one of the best decisions of my life. I can enjoy life more fully without the worry of contacts or glasses! I would definitely recommend IQ Laser Vision to everyone I know. I am so glad I took this journey with IQ Laser Vision . Thank you!”  — Sheila Tejada, actress, singer, dancer, model  Read her full testimonial here

“…Since having my vision restored life is less complicated. I no longer have to deal with two different sets of glasses and constantly switching between the two, one to see far and one to read. Dr. Lin is a graduate of UCLA Medical School of Ophthalmology which made it easy to trust I was in good hands!..”. — Talaya Trigueros, 94.7 The WAVE  Read her full testimonial here

“Due to my high nearsightedness, I have had to depend on contacts all my life; but the bright studio lights always dried out my contacts and made me feel tired… Now, like magic, I can drive and read books without glasses or contacts. I am going to tell everyone about how Dr. Lin has changed my life.”  — Juliette Zhuo, TV Host Ch. 18 “LA Living”  Read her full testimonial here.

Kickstart your Vision Independence DaySM

Curious to know what your Vision Independence DaySM could look like? It’s simple. Schedule a free consultation with our team at one of our 8 locations across California. We’ll test your eyes to see what your vision is today and help you envision the possibilities of what it could be tomorrow.

Vision Independence DaySM celebration ideas

We love summer, Independence Day and good vision. And we especially love living life to the fullest. Here are a few ideas for celebrating when your Vision Independence DaySM comes.

  •      Throw a vision-friendly summer bash

Invite your family and friends to celebrate your new vision with you! We’ve got some great recipe ideas here to help keep your new eyesight at its best.

  •      Go for a swim

No more glasses. No more contacts. Experience the freedom. Tap these poolside vision safety tips.

  •      Take a vacation

Imagine traveling without having to worry about where your glasses are, or if you packed your contacts solution. Well, you won’t have to imagine it anymore. Share your glasses-free photos on social media for all your friends to enjoy.

  •      Get started on your summer reading list

You won’t have to worry about tired eyes or blurry vision. Your freedom begins the day your LASIK is completed.

Summer is right around the corner. When will you be celebrating your Vision Independence DaySM? We’re looking forward to celebrating with you.

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