Want Custom Vision? It’s Time to Learn About the Light Adjustable Lens


Do you have cataracts and need cataract surgery? Want to achieve customizable vision on your terms?

Enter the Light Adjustable Lens. It’s the first and only premium lens of its kind that gives patients the vision they want after cataract surgery.

If you’ve dreamed of visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses and know that life would be better if you no longer had to depend on these visual aids after cataract surgery, it’s time to learn about the Light Adjustable Lens and how it can improve your life!

What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens is a premium intraocular lens implanted during cataract surgery. It’s the only IOL that puts the power of custom vision in the patient’s hands.

The Light Adjustable Lens is made of a unique photosensitive material that responds to ultraviolet light. Using a Light Treatment Device (LDD), your ophthalmologist at IQ Laser Vision can adjust your vision to your exact specifications.

You’ll be able to preview your vision before beginning the process to customize your sight to your exact desired outcome. Once achieved, your vision is permanently locked into place, ensuring you’ll be able to see clearly for many years.

The Light Treatment Device causes a chemical reaction when the lens is exposed to UV light. This chemical reaction causes the lens to change shape, affecting its focusing power.

By changing the focusing power, the Light Adjustable Lens provides patients with the most custom option. Patients can correct many vision problems, like refractive errors, while improving vision in dim conditions.

Patients often find success using the Light Adjustable Lens when they have struggled to achieve the vision they want with other premium lenses. Most patients need only a few light treatments before locking their vision into place with a final treatment.

How is it Different from Other Premium IOLs?

The Light Adjustable Lens stands out from the crowd compared to other premium lenses. Like all intraocular lenses, you’ll have the Light Adjustable Lens implanted in your eye to replace the natural lens.

After cataract surgery, you’ll need to wait for your eye to heal. At this point, the similarities between the Light Adjustable Lens and other premium IOLs cease.

Patients Wear Glasses to Protect Against Ultraviolet Light

For the Light Adjustable Lens to work as intended, patients must wear glasses that protect against UV light following cataract surgery. The glasses prevent the Light Adjustable Lens from being impacted by ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays.

Patients must wear these glasses at all times after cataract surgery to prevent exposure to UV light and uncontrolled changes to the Light Adjustable Lens. You can only remove the glasses while sleeping, washing your face, and putting in eye drops, provided you are not exposed to UV light during these activities.

The Light Adjustable Lens Adjusts to Your Specifications

Another way that the Light Adjustable Lens differs from other premium lenses is its ability to adjust to your specifications. With other premium lenses, once the IOL is implanted, you cannot change your vision.

They are not meant to be adjusted or updated following cataract surgery. For many patients, this means accepting that their vision is as is and that it is set in stone after cataract surgery.

But the Light Adjustable Lens is different because it allows patients to choose their visual outcomes. These patients want to achieve their best possible vision on their terms.

Other premium IOLs may come with restrictions or visual limitations. But with the Light Adjustable Lens, patients can choose their desired visual outcome.

Customize Your Vision

Customizing your vision with the Light Adjustable Lens is a simple process to ensure you achieve your optimal visual outcomes. First, you’ll have the Light Adjustable Lens implanted during cataract surgery.

Following recovery and wearing special UV protection glasses, you’ll see your eye doctor to have your vision tested. When your vision is tested, you’ll have the opportunity to preview and compare various possible visual outcomes.

Based on these visual outcomes, you and your ophthalmologist will choose the best prescription for your Light Adjustable Lens. Next, your eye doctor will apply the first light treatment to start adjusting and changing the shape of the Light Adjustable Lens.

Each subsequent light treatment will follow the precise prescription to achieve your visual goals. After several light treatments, delivered about a week apart, you can lock your final visual outcomes into place, ensuring you’ll have customized vision to your needs for years to come.

Most patients only need about three light treatments to reach this point.

Is the Light Adjustable Lens Permanent?

Yes, the Light Adjustable Lens is permanent. Like other premium intraocular lenses, it improves your vision following cataract surgery.

But the Light Adjustable Lens goes above and beyond other premium lenses. Using a unique Light Delivery System, your ophthalmologist will permanently impact your eyesight for the better.

Your vision will be crisper, clearer, and far better than before, including pre-cataracts. You’ll be able to see precisely to your specifications. Custom vision is on your terms, making it unique for each patient that chooses the Light Adjustable Lens.

Make your dreams of having customized, one-of-a-kind vision a reality by scheduling an appointment at IQ Laser Vision! With convenient locations in Los Angeles and the surrounding California area, there’s never been a better time to say goodbye to cataracts and hello to custom vision that changes your life for the better!

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