Why Getting LASIK in Los Angeles Will Help You Take Your World By Storm


It’s a new year, and everyone’s resolutions seem to be slowly falling by the wayside. But you don’t have to lose your momentum.

Improving your vision can help you maintain momentum in the new year and beyond. But with procedures like LASIK, you do much more than improve your vision. Think of getting LASIK as innovating your vision.

Keep reading to find out why getting LASIK in Los Angeles will help you take your world by storm this year!

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a laser vision correction procedure that corrects refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

If you wear glasses and contact lenses, you have a refractive error. However, having a refractive error does not guarantee you’ll qualify for LASIK. LASIK works because it reshapes your cornea and leaves you with crisp, impeccable vision like you thought you could only imagine.

But it’s even better than you could imagine because LASIK corrects your vision beyond your original prescription. As if achieving visual freedom without depending on glasses and contact lenses wasn’t enough, most patients end up with 20/20 vision or better.

You’ll be able to see clearly and finally catch the tiny details that have been flying past you until now.

Will I Be a Good LASIK Candidate?

The next question that inevitably comes up once people realize just how incredible of a procedure LASIK is, of course, is whether they will be a good LASIK candidate. You could be a good LASIK candidate if:

  • You’re at least 18 years old
  • You have realistic expectations about what LASIK can achieve
  • You have thick enough corneas
  • You have a prescription that’s within LASIK’s treatment limits

Think you could be a good LASIK candidate? Schedule your LASIK consultation at IQ Laser Vision in Los Angeles, CA!

Taking Your World By Storm, Courtesy of LASIK

When you get LASIK, it’s like seeing the world in high definition every single day. Here are some of the ways that you can take your world by storm, courtesy of having LASIK:

Elevate Your Career to New Heights

When you get LASIK, you can improve almost every career under the sun while taking them to the next level. Do you spend a lot of time working on a computer?

Are your glasses constantly sliding down your nose when you’re on the phone with a client, or do your contact lenses cause nothing but irritation during important meetings? Getting LASIK can help you achieve better vision and get the focus you need to finally elevate your career to new heights.

Whether you’re trying to get a big promotion or want your eyes to feel more comfortable during the 8-hour workday, not having to deal with the hassles of visual aids would be fantastic. You could have better vision instead of bleary eyes, indents on your nose from your frames, and eye fatigue.

That’s not to mention that if you’re in the armed forces, a firefighter, or an EMT, not having to struggle with visual aids would make you better at your job and keep you safer. Wouldn’t you like more security knowing you can return to your family?

Better Vision to Watch Your Favorite Events

Football Season GIF by Nickelodeon

It may not get cold enough to feel like “winter” in Los Angeles, but football season always comes around, and with it, so does the Super Bowl. However, what’s not ideal about this most hallowed football game is watching it on a TV and never being able to see it.

No matter how big the television is, you can’t see clearly, and you almost always miss the big touchdown of the night. Or you don’t have an up-to-date prescription, and because of that, you’re sitting too close to the television with foggy glasses.

Unfortunately, you take them off, and before you know it, the star kicker has scored a field goal, and you just missed it because you were cleaning your glasses. Or what about when you were eating your favorite wings, and your contacts were bothering you, so you tried to adjust them, and then your eyes were on fire?

You could have avoided these unfortunate circumstances if you’d just had LASIK, where you would have enjoyed the game with crisp, unhindered vision. Instead, you’re wondering what went down and trying to flush your eyes out.

Wouldn’t you rather have better vision and be able to see like never before when you watch the Super Bowl with the 49ers and the Chiefs playing?

Experience Your Favorite Los Angeles Hot Spots Like Never Before

When you want to go out in Los Angeles, you have to make sure you’re going somewhere you’ll be seen. After LASIK, hitting hot spots like The Three Clubs and Apt 200 will become an art form.

Imagine crisp vision that lets you see the smallest yet most important details. Whether you’re all about finding the best cocktails in town (it’s always an espresso martini), looking for the newest boutique to freshen up your look, or want to make sure you’re seen, you’ll have a much better time after LASIK.

Why? Visual aids can be bulky and often get in your way, making you look like you got dressed around your frames. If you want to have a night that feels endless, LASIK is the answer.

You’ll no longer have to feel like a pumpkin at midnight because you’re concerned about going home to take out your contact lenses. If you want freedom, LASIK is the solution.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

A lot can go into going green and reducing your environmental footprint in Los Angeles. You can drive an electric car, take public transportation, and make a concerted effort to recycle more.

You can also stop using contact lenses and have LASIK instead. Although contact lenses are a great way to help you see, they are not exactly fantastic for the environment.

Consider for a moment how much plastic and packaging contact lenses use. Between the packaging and the actual lenses themselves, it becomes clear that contact lenses are not the greenest option.

LASIK is a better choice because it’s permanent. That means you won’t need contact lenses or glasses anymore.

You can experience clearer vision, and if you’re really passionate about going green, you can use your improved vision to help clean up parks and other spaces.

Want to find out if you’re a good LASIK candidate? All it takes is scheduling a LASIK consultation at IQ Laser Vision in Los Angeles, CA! Why wait any longer for the best vision of your life?

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