Why SMILE and LASIK are Ideal for Athletes


Do you consider yourself an athlete? If working up a sweat is appealing, you may have already considered the merits of correcting your vision.

However, something may be stopping you from committing to and achieving incredibly crisp, clear vision like you’ve never even imagined. Keep reading to find out why SMILE and LASIK are ideal for athletes!

What are SMILE and LASIK?

SMILE and LASIK are laser vision correction procedures that can correct refractive errors. SMILE is a minimally invasive procedure that corrects nearsightedness and astigmatism, while LASIK corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Waking up every morning depending on glasses or contact lenses is anything but ideal if you’re an athlete. Choosing one of these incredible laser vision correction procedures has the potential to change your life and even change your game.


SMILE involves creating a tiny incision in your eye followed by a small lenticule about the size of a contact lens. After making the lenticule, your surgeon will pull it out through the incision, which corrects your refractive errors (in the case of SMILE, these include nearsightedness and astigmatism).

The recovery time after SMILE is minimal. Because few nerves in the cornea are disturbed during the vision correction procedure, you don’t have to worry about dry eyes while recovering.

The best part, of course, is that you’ll have the crisp, incredible vision you’ve always dreamed of after SMILE. Many patients start seeing improvements almost instantly once they’ve had SMILE, meaning you can look forward to better vision than ever in virtually no time at all. What’s not to love about being active and doing it with 20/20 vision or better?


Another exceptional vision correction procedure that athletes have to consider is LASIK. There’s no denying that LASIK is the most well-known laser vision correction procedure; after all, it’s the most popular elective procedure!

Why is LASIK so popular? For one thing, most patients who undergo the procedure have 20/20 vision or better.

But another reason is that LASIK has a 99% patient satisfaction rate at IQ Laser Vision. What’s not to love about LASIK?

You’ll have crystal clear vision that’s crisp, sharp, and light years better than you could ever achieve when you relied on visual aids! Combine that with better reaction times, improved peripheral vision, and the fact that these vision correction procedures (SMILE included) are permanent, and it becomes clear why LASIK is the choice of millions!

Am I a Good Candidate?

Like any surgical procedure, you need to qualify as a candidate for SMILE and LASIK. So, are you a good candidate? If the following applies, you may be a good fit for LASIK!

  • You’re at least 18 years old
  • You have a stable prescription that’s remained unchanged for a year or more
  • You have healthy eyes
  • You don’t suffer from any autoimmune conditions like lupus or Sjogren’s syndrome
  • You’re not currently pregnant or nursing
  • You have realistic expectations about what LASIK can achieve

Love the idea of vision correction thanks to SMILE? You may be a good candidate for SMILE if:

  • You’re nearsighted, have astigmatism, or have a combination of the two
  • You’re at least 18 years old
  • You have healthy eyes, especially your corneas
  • You have a stable prescription that’s remained unchanged and stable for a year or more
  • You’re in a good health

Ready to find out if SMILE or LASIK could be right for you? Take the first step by requesting your consultation at IQ Laser Vision in Los Angeles, CA!

Improve Your Reaction Times

Whether you’re running to catch an errant soccer ball or you are a star hitter on your baseball team, getting an edge with reaction times is never a bad thing. Correcting your vision with SMILE or LASIK can help improve your reaction times, allowing you to react faster without worrying about frames or lenses getting in your way.

Say goodbye to distracting glare and hello to incredibly clear vision all the time.

Fast Recovery

Athletes don’t have time to wait a month for their vision to improve to return to the field. When you choose a procedure like LASIK or SMILE, you can return to your sport in days, not weeks.

A significant advantage of these procedures is that they are also permanent, so you don’t have to concern yourself with fluctuating vision. You can look forward to years of clearer vision instead of spending your precious time dealing with glasses, contact lenses, and less-than-optimal eyesight. 

Correct Your Sight and Experience the Best Vision of Your Life

If you rely on glasses and contact lenses, you may think your vision is clear, but it could be better. See, what many people are unaware of are LASIK and SMILE correct your vision beyond your original prescription.

When you choose these procedures, you’re not just choosing clearer vision, although that is a great advantage. No, what you’re choosing is the best vision you’ve ever had.

If you want to see the finish line in high-definition or visualize your gold medals in unbelievable clarity, the answer is a vision correction procedure like LASIK or SMILE.

Say Goodbye to the Distractions of Visual Aids

There’s little that’s more distracting than a contact lens that’s in the wrong place. Did you put them on inside out?

Are your eyes too dry? Whatever your reasons, when you need to perform at your best, on the court, in the pool, or while pounding the pavement, the last thing you need is to deal with itchy, dry, or irritated eyes because your contacts refuse to behave.

With LASIK or SMILE, you no longer have to deal with these frustrations. You can embrace visual freedom and say so long to visual aids. Open your eyes and achieve your wildest dreams with better vision than you ever thought possible.

It’s all possible when you take the leap and decide to change your life. Request your consultation at IQ Laser Vision in Los Angeles, CA, and start your path to better vision today!

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