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Don’t let cooler weather and dry eyes slow you down


Winter is nigh. And whether you’re in sunny southern California or somewhere in the cooler regions of the world, the approaching season means cooler weather. And while “cool” is relative to your part of the world, your dry eyes don’t differentiate.

How the cold affects your eyes

Wind and cold weather can take a detrimental, uncomfortable toll on your eyes—and leave you seeing less than great. Cool environments can literally dry out the eyes, decreasing the natural lubrication and leading to itchiness, scratchiness, stinging, burning and tearing up. Some more uncomfortable symptoms can include pain and discharge. With less hydration, your eye’s health and vision can be compromised.

How to conquer dry eyes at home and in the office

No matter if you’re at work or at home, you can implement a few tricks to hydrate your body and eyes and decrease the effects of the weather.

Are you ready to kick the discomfort of dry eyes to the curb this winter? Follow these tips for a happier, (and hydrated) season of better vision.

  •       Get hydrated with some warm herbal tea

Colder days call for curling up with a nice hot drink. While caffeinated drinks and alcohol can be dehydrating and further contribute to dry eyes, herbal teas, especially those aimed at improving your peepers, can hydrate you and give your vision a boost from the inside out.

  •       Protect your eyes from the wind

Wraparound sunglasses can shield your eyes to keep them from getting too dried out from direct wind contact.

  •       Humidify your home

Cool weather often depletes the air of its natural moisture. Adding a humidifier to your home can help add moisture back into the air and keep your dry eyes at bay.

  •       Reduce the use of contact lenses

Contact lenses can contribute to dry eyes by reducing the flow of oxygen into your eyes. Once the cold weather hits, your eyes are faced with a double whammy of drying factors. Reduce or eliminate the use of contacts. Wearing glasses during the colder months can reduce this irritation. Corrective solutions like LASIK can provide a more long-term solution.

  •       Boost your nutrition with fatty acids

Nourishing your body with the right foods and supplements can help prevent dry eyes. Cold air can tend to irritate the eyes and inflame the tear glands. But fatty acids, such as Omega 3, mimic the fatty oils that are found in tears, to protect the eye against the environment and its irritants. Add some omegas to your diet to decrease tear duct inflammation and beat your dry eyes.

Autumn’s cooler weather is settling in and winter fun (and cold) is already around the corner. Dry eyes don’t have to slow you down. By taking preventative measures, you can keep your eyes healthier and happier, and your vision at in peak performance.

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