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Kick off the New Year right with these eye-relaxing exercises


Are your eyes enabling you to see your best? If you feel your vision is lacking you’re not alone. In an age where we increasingly rely on our digital devices, our eyes are under massive strain, everyday. And on top of using our eyes daily, they age with each passing year. Suffice it to say your eyes are under a lot of stress and strain.

Eye strain results in blurriness, headaches, dry eyes, aching eye muscles and can even lead to conditions like nearsightedness. Relieving eye strain can improve your comfort and ability to focus on the world around you and in front of you.

Are you ready to take control of your eyesight? Check out these eye-relaxing and strengthening exercises to help keep your eyes feeling great.

Alternate eye movements

Moving your eyes back and forth can stretch and relax the eye muscles, and prepare them for a mini workout.

How to do it:

Sit comfortably, with your eyes open, and your head, face and neck as relaxed as possible. Picture an object in front of your eyes, then move your eyes straight upward. Hold the upward gaze for one second, then move your eyes all the way downward. Keep your gaze steady, and continue the upward-downward movement 10 times. Try not to blink while completing the set.

Once you’re done, palm/cup your eyes gently, close them, and let them relax in the darkness. Then repeat the same movements side-to-side, and vertical-to-vertical. After completing the exercises, blink generously to refresh your eyes.

Eye rolling

Eye rolling is a simple technique that can help strengthen your eyes when done regularly.

How to do it:

Move both eyes in a figure eight pattern slowly, making sure to complete the figure. Do this seven times, then blink several times to relax the eyes. Change direction and repeat.

Next repeat the same figure eight eye rolls, with your eyes closed. Do it 8 times, blink several times (also with your eyes closed) then change direction for the final 8 eye rolls.


Letting your eyes rest in darkness and applying gentle pressure around the outside of the eye can help relax your optic nerve.

How to do it:

Sit at a table in a comfortable position with your elbows raised on pillows—high enough to cover your eyes comfortably without leaning forward. Place your hands gently over your eyes. Cup your eyes to avoid placing pressure on them, but cover them firmly enough to prevent light from entering. Close your eyes and breathe. Hold this position for 5-10 minutes.

Do it at least once a day—or up to 20 times. You can also do mini palms at any time of day, without getting into the official position. Just stop what you’re doing and cup your eyes for a few moments for a tiny bit of relaxation. Remember to breathe.

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