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6 people who should get LASIK—are you one of them?


A lot of people wonder if corrective eye surgery could actually benefit them in their day-to-day lives and careers. And for good reason: Corrective surgeries like LASIK and SMILE are more than trending. They’re changing lives. And in a chain reaction sort of way, the world is becoming a better place because people are achieving their goals, both in career and life, in a better way.

So we’re just going to assume, for a moment, that you value excellence. After all, you’re reading blogs on how to improve your health and life. Did you know you could be better at whatever you do by taking one simple step? Replacing your glasses with better eyesight.

Have you ever considered ditching the temporary solutions for long-term vision correction? Here are 6 types of people who should look into LASIK or SMILE procedures to amplify their game and be the best possible version of themselves. Are you one of them?

Police officers and firefighters

Our hats are off to you for all the amazing work you do. Whether you’re chasing bad guys, putting out fires or knee-deep in paperwork, glasses are nobody’s best friend when you’re on the job. LASIK or SMILE procedures can free you from dependence on glasses so that you can go on making our world a better, safer place. (Check out what this fire chief had to say after getting his vision corrected).


There’s nothing worse than having a ball flying at your face—except having it flying at your face when you’re wearing glasses or contacts. Your athletic career is built around being able to move, and move well. And poor vision hinders that, no matter what external solutions you might use as a temporary fix. With the 2020 summer Olympics around the corner, every athlete should have the opportunity to harness their champion and make it reality. (Hong Chih Kuo, pitcher for the LA Dodgers, is thrilled with his new and improved vision. So is Robert Chai from the UCLA Football Center!)


Parenting is a noble profession. After all, you’re raising and shaping the future. If you’ve had kids for any length of time, you know that it means life on the go. And you’ve got to have your vision in high gear to keep them safe. So whether you’re reading food labels or their favorite storybook, or driving them to their next play date, keen vision matters. Now imagine if you could do it with the freedom of a glasses-free life—and everything just seems right with the world.


When you’re the eyes of the sports world, your eyes have to be top-notch. And glasses and contacts can get real old, real fast. Having to focus on scoreboards and be able to accurately read and announce numbers is vital to success. (Check out what Josh Suchon, play-by-play announcer at Time Warner Cable Sports, had to say about his LASIK experience).


You’re in the business of saving lives. You’ve got to keep your eyes strong and steady so you can stay on the lookout for potential dangers and keep our waters safe. And you’ve got to protect your own eyesight too since you spend a lot of the day outdoors. Glasses and contacts can make wearing sunglasses difficult—and we won’t even talk about getting in the water. You get the point. Good vision (without glasses or contacts) is vital for being the best lifeguard out there.


Steady hands, top-notch eyesight and in-depth knowledge of the human body are what we hope for every surgeon (and their patients). Because when you’re performing surgeries and critical procedures, accuracy counts. Our own Dr. Robert T. Lin received LASIK surgery himself nearly 20 years ago—and he’s still seeing 20/20 today and helping others do the same.

This list is definitely not exhaustive. Maybe you’re a photographer, a student, a construction worker or an explorer deep in the Amazon rainforest. If you’re over 18, and you wear glasses or contacts, we believe your life (and vision) can be drastically improved in only a few minutes.

Want to see how much your vision can improve? Book a free consultation today with one of our ophthalmologists to see what your future could look like. Schedule your appointment today by calling us at 888-539-2211 or emailing us at appointment@iqlaservision.com.

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