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Hindsight 2020


So many things are right around the corner. Summer. Adventure. Sports. Living your best life. Oh. And the 2020 Summer Olympics!

Here at IQ Laser Vision (and throughout the vision industry), we’re particularly stoked about the year 2020. Not only because we’re mesmerized by watching the most athletic around the world compete for a global title, but because 2020 is what we’re really all about. That is, helping you achieve 20/20 vision.

Hindsight is a funny thing. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy—and we want to make sure that once the year 2020 arrives, you aren’t wondering where the time has gone, and why you didn’t take the steps to correct your vision sooner.

Our LASIK patients have consistently come back after their vision correction procedures, thrilled with their results. After experiencing 20/20 vision (sometimes for the first time in their lives!) they look back retrospectively with a tinge of regret. They see how good their vision and their lives are now, and how much time they wasted suffering through glasses, contacts and poor eyesight. And consistently, they express that they wish they’d done it sooner.

See what these two ladies had to say about their vision correction experience.

Shirley Strawberry, Co-host, Steve Harvey Morning Show

“I was tired of glasses falling off my face, contacts drying out and remembering to take them out before going to bed. All that was history when I went to see Dr. Lin at IQ Laser Vision !…Dr. Lin has performed over 25,000 LASIK procedures and is a professor of ophthalmology at UCLA; I knew I was in good hands. Now I see better than ever, it was completely painless and took only a few minutes! I was back to work with Steve Harvey the very next day! How much longer are you going to wait to take care of your eyes and become Dr. Lin’s next happy patient?!“ Read her full testimonial here.

Talaya Trigueros, 94.7 The WAVE

“Having difficulty seeing both near AND far made the [tasks] even more daunting. The frustration with my vision peaked when I needed to replace a lipstick but couldn’t figure out which brand it was because I couldn’t read the label – Lancôme? MAC? Dior? I made the call that should have been years ago and scheduled my free consultation with Dr. Robert Lin at IQ Laser Vision …Since having my vision restored, life is less complicated. I no longer have to deal with two different sets of glasses and constantly switching between the two, one to see far and one to read. Read her full testimonial here.

Patients like Judith and Talaya continue to celebrate their Vision Independence Day<sup>SM</sup> every day, because they remember what life was like before visual freedom.

Take a look into your future. What does your vision (and life) look like? And what will it look like if you take action today? Don’t waste time so that two years from now you’re thinking of all the things you could have done. You don’t have to have regrets. The year 2020 is coming sooner than you think, and your own 20/20 may be just around the corner.

Hindsight can be scary when you finally see that you could have achieved your dreams and goals years ago. As you tune in to 2020s Olympics, will you look back and wish that you had taken the steps to jumpstart your own vision independence and achieve your 20/20?  

Our advice: When 2020 arrives, and you look back over your last few years, let your hindsight be 20/20. As you celebrate the great athletes of the world, don’t settle for second best. You live hard. You train hard. Now it’s time to stand on your own podium and take the gold with the best vision of your life.

Ready to turn your 2020 hindsight to 20/20? Take the first step and schedule a free consultation with our amazing, caring team. You won’t regret it.

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