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Tired of Dealing with Seasonal Allergies? LASIK May Be Able to Help!


September is a fantastic time of year unless you’re sneezing, wiping your eyes, and feeling miserable. The cause? 

Seasonal allergies. You may not realize that if you wear contact lenses, it’s actually making your allergy symptoms worse. Keep reading to find out why LASIK may be able to help! 

Seasonal allergies and contact lenses don’t go together

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If you wear contact lenses, you need to take them out and put them in regularly. That requires a certain amount of touching your eyes throughout the day. 

When you wake up, you start your day by putting your contacts in. Throughout the day, you may need to adjust your contact lenses if your eyes feel irritated, dry, or if you’re experiencing any kind of discomfort. 

Then, at the end of the night, you need to take your contacts out before going to bed and sleeping. This routine can lead to your eyes feeling more irritated during allergy season due to one simple reason: pollen. 

At the height of allergy season, it’s not uncommon to find pollen everywhere! It can be on your clothes, hair, pets, car, house, and yes, even on your hands. 

If pollen is on everything you’re touching, just imagine how easy it is to get pollen in your eyes. If you’re touching them at any point throughout the day, there’s a very good chance you could get pollen in your eyes. 

Allergies and the reaction they create

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The problem with getting pollen in your eyes if you have seasonal allergies is this creates an allergic reaction. Your body responds by making your eyes watery, puffy, swollen, and it may become difficult to see. 

You may also feel more congested and start coughing. The severity of your symptoms depends on your seasonal allergies and your exposure to the allergen. 

Pollen isn’t the only thing people are allergic to either, so you may experience these uncomfortable symptoms around other allergens like ragweed, trees, and grass.  

How LASIK can help

Short of moving to a place where plants never flower or staying inside during allergy season, there has to be something you can do to help your allergy symptoms. For people that are good candidates, getting a procedure like LASIK can help, and here’s why.  

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One of the biggest draws for a laser vision procedure like LASIK is achieving visual freedom. That means no more glasses or contact lenses. 

Instead, most patients even end up with 20/20 vision or better! You may think you see well with your visual aids, but you’ll see with more clarity than you ever thought possible after having LASIK. But more importantly, when you get LASIK, you can finally say goodbye to the pollen and contact lens cycle.

Break the pollen and contact lens cycle during allergy season

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Needing to touch your eyes to put in and take your contact lenses out at least two to three times a day (if not more) is a surefire way of making sure pollen gets in your eyes. Washing your hands every time before putting your contacts in or taking them out won’t guarantee that you didn’t have pollen on your hands earlier in the day. 

The likelihood that you’ll never forget to wash your hands after touching something is almost impossible to guarantee. Getting LASIK is a lot easier, and the best part, it’s permanent! 

By getting LASIK this fall, you can break the pollen and contact lens cycle for good. The vision correction procedure has a brief recovery period, meaning you’ll be able to get back to your favorite activities before you know it! 

Living with seasonal allergies doesn’t have to be miserable when you take control of your symptoms by choosing to have LASIK. Instead, you can finally enjoy outdoor activities again without needing to worry about eye irritation. 

Get outside after LASIK

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Once you’ve recovered from LASIK, the last thing you should do is let seasonal allergies hold you back. After all, you’ll finally be seeing the world with clear vision, and that’s something worth celebrating!

Love hiking? You’ll no longer have to think about if your glasses will slide down your nose while you’re hiking a challenging trail or if your contact lenses will dry out. After LASIK, you’ll have the ability to see without boundaries in any and all situations, no matter where you are.

Fall is an excellent time for apple picking. Still, you may have stayed away from farms where the best apples are because of fears about seasonal allergies affecting your eyes. 

Although getting LASIK can’t make your allergies go away completely, it can significantly improve your symptoms. That makes it a lot easier to enjoy classic fall activities, and make sure you find the quintessential apple for your apple pie or apple crisp! 

Watery, red, or irritated eyes shouldn’t hold you back from doing what you love. Wouldn’t you rather see everything instead of feeling like your allergies dictate your life?

Have LASIK now and reap the benefits for years to come

Besides the promise of incredible vision, another reason to consider LASIK is that it will help you out for years to come. It’s a permanent procedure that reshapes the cornea. 

By reshaping the cornea, it corrects refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Choosing to get LASIK means that you’re investing in your own well-being. 

In the case of allergy sufferers, it’s as simple as no longer accepting that you have to live with severe allergy symptoms. Then, it’s about finding a solution that works for you. 

Are you tired of allergy seasons every year that result in itchy, watery eyes? Do you feel like you’re stuck wearing glasses every day for three straight months? 

LASIK could be the answer. Making this one decision is something that you’ll continue benefiting from every time allergy season comes around. And when it’s not allergy season, you’ll still get to enjoy fantastic vision when you wake up. What’s not to love about that?

Ready to make allergy season more bearable? Schedule your FREE LASIK consultation at IQ Laser Vision, the #1 SMILE Laser Vision Center in the country with locations in Houston, TX, Los Angeles, and throughout California, schedule your consultation today!

If seasonal allergies are holding you back, do something about it by starting the journey to better vision!

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