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What Is The Cost Of LASIK Eye Surgery


When it comes to the cost of Lasik eye surgery…

it is not as simple as you imagine. In most cases, an eye surgeon will quote a price per eye for the surgery, often falling between $1,500 and $2,500 for each eye. But there are other costs that could be involved as well. That’s what this article will deal with and what you need to know in advance of having eye surgery as it relates to your finances.

Stacks of Coins

Because there are different types of laser eye surgery and different levels of need depending on how much vision correction will be needed in your situation, as well as the types of tech required in that process, those will play into the cost. But probably the ultimate difference in the quoted price per eye will be from the surgeon’s time and experience level.

If your vision is only mildly affected, then the cost will be less than if there are major problems or extremely poor vision needing correction. Some of that you might be able to guess just knowing the prescription on your corrective lenses.

Then there’s the level of technology needed for your vision correction. If the surgeon decides to use the newer custom Lasik tech, your surgery will be more expensive. And that additional cost may not just be about better tech, but about the cost of the surgeon purchasing the better tech.

Find out the cost breakdown on any surgery being proposed, not just a lump sum! If different options are being considered, then get the cost breakdown and difference for each of what is proposed. Never forget that the more expert the surgeon, the more likely the costs will rise, even for the basic surgery. Depending on how complex the correction needed, even though you may end up paying more, the expertise could be worth it. If the correction is minor and there are no complications indicated, then choosing a good eye surgeon as opposed to the best in the business will probably get you equally good results.

Beyond the Basics: The Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery Extras

Having learned the cost of Lasik eye surgery, it’s time to check on any possible extras that could be charged. Frequently the cost of pre-op and post-op efforts, including follow-up correction surgery within a set time frame if needed will be included with the basic cost. But you want to verify that.

If there’s a great bargain offer going on, you need to really check out what is included or excluded. Such bargains often do not include the usual items, and for those you will pay extra, making the total cost of the surgery the same or even more than you would have paid without bargain hunting. The other possibility is that your eye surgeon has less experience in the procedure you need and wants to gain expertise on your dime.

When you go into the initial consultation about surgery, you need to ask:

  • What, if anything is NOT included in the quoted cost?
  • Where will the procedure be done? Usually, if it is in their office/clinic, it means they are proficient in the procedures.
  • Is the quote for one eye or both eyes?
  • How many post-op visits does the quote include?
  • Will there be prescription meds needed and if so, is the charge separate?
  • How much will temporary lenses cost if they are needed?
  • Are there patient testimonials or references that you can review?

Now, remember to get a printed copy of the quotes and if something is not clear on those copies, have it added in with initials from the doctor and a copy for both his office and you. If an eye doctor or Lasik surgeon is unwilling to discuss these financial issues with you, it may be time to look elsewhere. Contact www.IQLaserVision.com if you have additional questions, or if you would like to make an appointment with an eye doctor in our practice.

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