New year and new happenings to keep you and your vision healthy | IQ Laser Vision

New year and new happenings to keep you and your vision healthy


Welcome to 2018, a place where opportunities abound and new goals make eyes sparkle with the possibilities. And as the smoke of fireworks and the sounds of champagne popping and noisemakers fade into the background as a memory, we’re looking forward to a great year—and better vision.

Like many of you, we’ve made several resolutions that we intend to keep. And in the spirit of continuing to bring you better vision for every stage of life, we’re excited to announce a few things on our horizon that we definitely recommend you also put on yours.

Check out our New Year Resolutions, and feel free to comment on our Facebook page and let us know yours!

We’re launching our awesome newsletter

We know life can be busy. That’s why we’re launching our quarterly newsletter beginning in March to bring tips and vital information—directly to your inbox—to give you better vision all year long. Stay tuned for tips and hacks plus exciting offers and updates on what’s happening at  IQ Laser Vision  all year long.

We’re honing in on vision across the lifespan

You already know we’re all about protecting and enhancing your vision for the long-term. But we’re shifting our focus to help you understand how you can have better vision by caring for your eyes (and your loved ones’) at every stage, from infants to elderly. Vision care isn’t a one-size-fits-all effort. That’s why we’re tailoring it to you and your specific and unique needs, no matter what phase of life you’re in.

We’re ramping up our efforts to improve lives

Good eyesight isn’t just about seeing better. It’s part of a comprehensive, exciting life of doing, living and enjoying every moment that comes in this sometimes hectic, fast-paced world. So even though improving lives with clear vision is what we do, our passion is to help others live their best lives, in every respect. From time hacks and recipe planning to travel tips and seasonal fun, we’ve got you covered (in a vision-friendly way).

Just because New Year’s Eve has come and gone doesn’t mean it’s too late to make one more resolution—to improve your life by focusing on your wellbeing. Keeping resolutions is always easier with an accountability buddy. If you’re ready to feel (and see) your best in body and mind, be sure to keep up with us because we’ve got a year of savvy tips coming your way—with some great information and a lot of fun along the way.

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