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Debunking Common Fears and Myths about LASIK & SMILE (Part I)


LASIK and SMILE eye surgeries have been improving lives and transforming vision since the 1990s. But like most things people don’t know about, people often create myths about vision correction procedures that simply aren’t true. 

The fact is that more than 40 million LASIK surgeries have been performed worldwide since it arrived on the scene, and we’ve performed more than 150,000 of them here at IQ Laser Vision over the last 20 years. SMILE has already been successfully performed on more than 4 million people worldwide. At IQ Laser Vision, we’ve performed the most on the West Coast! 

Having worked with so many wonderful patients, we’ve heard a lot about the fears they had leading up to their momentous decision to transform their vision with laser vision correction including PRK, LASIK and Zeiss ReLEx SMILE. A commonality among so many of them is that they wish they had sorted out the facts from the fiction about LASIK and SMILE a lot sooner.

So we thought it worthy to put together a little series on some of the top myths about LASIK and Zeiss ReLEx SMILE we hear almost every day and to debunk them and put those fears to rest once and for all.

#1 Myth: I can’t afford it.

Not true. LASIK eye surgery and other corrective eye treatments aren’t as expensive as you might imagine. And today, as eyes deteriorate faster due to the use of modern technology, more insurance companies are covering at least a portion of LASIK procedures. At IQ Laser Vision , we also accept payments from FSA/HSA accounts, making better vision correction more easily accessible for more people. Many clinics, including our own, also provide easy financing options to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to see their best. For most patients, it comes out to around $4 per day, or with our interest-free payment plan $199 per month.

#2 Myth: I might go blind.

Not true. Tiff, from YouTube’s Tiff & Case, put it well after deciding to have her own vision corrected through LASIK at IQ Laser Vision It’s virtually impossible to go blind. LASIK, SMILE and other refractive surgeries are FDA-approved to improve and enhance vision. Under the care of a qualified, experienced, highly-skilled eye surgeon, your eyes will be in good hands and have the best opportunity for long-term success. Plus, in the more than 40 million procedures performed around the world since its inception, there have been no documented cases of blindness. 

#3 Myth: I’ll have to do LASIK again in ten years.

Not true. LASIK and SMILE surgeries are permanent procedures and long-term solutions to poor vision from nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. However, because eyesight naturally changes as we age, it may seem that your LASIK is wearing off over the years. But it’s not. The good news is, as your vision changes with the years after getting vision correction, your eyes will still be better off than they would have been before giving your eyes the LASIK makeover.

#4 Myth: LASIK and SMILE procedures are painful.

Not true. When it comes to your eyesight, choosing the right surgeon to perform your LASIK or SMILE eye procedure matters. But thanks to anesthetic and medicated drops, the most you’ll feel if even, would be the slightest pressure. No pain. Just lots to gain!

#5 Myth: Any eye surgeon can perform my LASIK or SMILE eye procedure.

Not true. While LASIK and SMILE  is performed using precision advanced lasers, it’s critical to choose an eye surgeon who has high levels of skill, experience, great recommendations and of course, the right pre- and post-surgery care. Although LASIK and SMILE surgeons must be proficient at utilizing the technology, they must also be highly precise and skilled in performing delicate actions, like creating and lifting the corneal flap or removing the lenticule in the case of SMILE. The right skill, experience and care will help ensure the best experience during and after your surgery–and the best long-term results. And it certainly helps a whole lot if the laser vision center has been rated the top SMILE center on the West Coast with the most experience, as IQ Laser Vision has (yep, we’ve performed that many successful SMILE procedures)!

Stay tuned for Part II of this revealing series. If we haven’t yet covered your fear or misgivings, we’ll be sure to do that in the next post. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to our world-renowned team with your questions. Go ahead and drop us a line at or give us a call at (888) 539-2211.

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