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Your 2018 Vision-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide


The Halloween decorations seem a thing of the past as we turn our attention to the holiday season. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and before you know it Christmas will be here too. And that means the already fast-pace you’re probably living is about to get a whole lot faster because—you know—Christmas shopping.

But because we believe that you should have plenty of time to enjoy every moment of life, we’re simplifying this holiday season with the ultimate 2018 Christmas shopping guide for all the wonderful people in your life (or hey, make it your wish list too!). We’ve put together a list of fun, vision-friendly and eye-themed gifts sure to improve lives in practical, techie, fashionable, sporty and adventurous ways.

Without further adieu, check out our 2018 Holiday Shopping Guide of vision-friendly gifts that are sure to please and impress.

Rad protective eyewear

Eye safety is crucial, especially in industries like construction, welding, medical or manufacturing. Know anyone in these industries? They’ll probably welcome a cool new set of safety glasses or goggles. Ram Research put together a great list of some of the best safety glasses. Or check out this Pro and Con list of top-rated safety glasses.

Low-vision computer keyboard

For loved ones suffering from low vision (or simply wanting to create an easier visual experience) the low vision keyboard is simply terrific. With large print and high-contrast, your loved ones won’t have to strain their way across a keyboard ever again. Check it out here.

Really slim reading glasses

We all have someone in our lives who is constantly losing their glasses. But these slim glasses make it practically impossible to leave behind. These awesome glasses will easily fold away into a cool little keychain case—meaning you’ll never leave home without your glasses again. Find them here.

Large-print crossword puzzle book

There’s nothing like tiny black and white print and oodles of grids and numbers to get your eyes crying for relief. Hence, large-print edition crosswords! Your favorite wordsmith will love this large-print crossword puzzle book that will take the eyestrain out of their beloved hobby. Find the perfect one on Amazon.

Fun sleep masks

Dry eyes aren’t fun, and cool weather is notorious for increasing discomfort. This winter, protect your eyes from the cold (and get a better night’s sleep by blocking out any light litter) with some fun sleep masks. We’re digging these selections (though you can find plenty on Amazon or at stores like Hot Topic, Walmart, Target, etc.).

Donate to charity

Whether your loved one is impossible to shop for, or literally has everything, helping others help others by giving in their name is always a thoughtful motion. Many regions around the globe lack access to (or resources for) quality vision care. But charities like Optometry Cares,  Optometry Giving Sight and Eye Care 4 Kids (and a lot more!) are turning the tables and making vision care accessible to those in need.

Amazon Echo

Consider the Amazon Echo a personal assistant that can help reduce screen time and give your eyes a break without you missing out on news, sports scores or reading our favorite book. This handy device can read to you, fill you in on the latest news, sing to you, tell you jokes or test your knowledge with fun trivia that you definitely need to know. Check it out on Amazon.

Brightech LightView Pro magnifying floor lamp

Aging eyes will appreciate this professional adjustable LED floor lamp that doubles as a giant magnifying lens. This handy device can improve your loved ones’ lives and their ability to continue enjoying favorite hobbies (reading, needlepoint, crafting, you name it). See it on Amazon.

Eye doctor Barbie

Barbie has long been a cultural icon, and she’s more than a fashion model these days. She’s getting kids excited about future possibilities. Get your kids interested in vision care (and possibly a future career) with this visionary Barbie playset. Check it out here.

The gift of knowledge

Want to imbue the kids in your life with the vital knowledge that will serve them throughout their lives? The cross-sectional eye models from Learning Resources will give them a front-seat view of the intricacies and wonders of the eyes. Get it here.

20/20 vision

If you really want to make a difference in someone’s life (or your own), refractive eye surgery like LASIK or SMILE is a total game-changer. There’s really no better gift than helping someone put the glasses and contact lenses away and living their great life to the fullest. Book a consultation here.

The ultimate gaming glasses

Got gamers in your life? Some cool gaming glasses will help protect your eyes during long hours of screen time. Check out this Wiki list of some of the coolest gaming glasses of 2018.

Large print board games

Strain-be-gone. There’s no need for fun times to be hard on your eyes. Find favorite board games available in large print. Know a Scrabble-lover? How about Monopoly? They (and their gaming partners) will certainly be thrilled with these no-strain board games. See them here. Or check out these novelty jumbo playing cards that are just plain fun for everyone.

Electric razor

This one’s not just for the gents—it’s for anyone needing a little TLC when it comes to regional hair removal. Shaving can be tough when your vision is less than great. Protect the faces you love with a handy-dandy electric razor that makes nicks and cuts things of the past. Check out these top-rated electric razors.

A trip to the Museum of Vision

Give a mini vacation this year or hit the road for a trip with your faves. Take a visionary trip with your friends or family to San Francisco for a unique learning experience at the Museum of Vision. With more than 10,000 artifacts and books dating all the way back to the third century B.C., you’ll be privy to the history that has led to vision care as we know it today.

An eye exam

Getting a regular eye exam is vital to maintaining good vision long into the future. An eye doctor can not only check the health of eyes but can help patients determine a proper course of action if they’re suffering from vision loss, dry eyes or other vision challenges. Schedule a visit here.

Pocket magnifier (and tip calculator!)

We really love this for how it brightens the experience of dining out without interrupting the others’ experiences. Restaurants are notorious for dim lighting and straining eyes trying to read the menu. We all know somebody who pulls out their cell phone and turns the flashlight feature on full blast to combat the inevitable eye strain. The Tip-n-Split magnifier comes with a discreet light and a tip calculator to not only decrease eye strain but brain strain too from the “mathematical portion” of dining out.

Some seriously trending sunglasses

We all love to be on point with our fashion, and a good pair of sunglasses are still one of the hottest accessories out there that work for everyone. But what we truly love about them is that they not only bring out the fashionable side in everyone who puts them on—but they’re actually good (and vital) for your eyes. Check out 2019’s hottest, trending sunglasses, according to the fashion and lifestyle experts at Glowsly. See them here.

From us to you, may all your holiday shopping be stress-free, strain-free and filled with joy.

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