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Bring These With You To Your Next Eye Exam

When it comes to eye care, a majority of people tend to put off their eye doctor visits, thinking they’re just not that important. After all, they can still see, right? Just like your regular (preventative) doctor checkups and your dental exams, a regular vision exam is vital to ensuring your eyesight remains strong and […]

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Vision-friendly New Year’s resolutions to keep the future bright

An estimated forty percent of people make New Year’s resolutions every year in an effort to improve their lives and themselves.  But only 8% of people actually keep them. One of the key reasons we fail is we make huge goals instead of taking it day by day, one small victory at a time. To aid you in keeping […]

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Something even the most advanced technology cannot do – regular eye exams.

The technological world’s capabilities advance every day and endlessly continue to benefit us. Advanced technology allows us to serve our eye care patients with the best products possible, yet it is important to note where to draw a line. Nowadays, our phones can do almost anything, including vision tests, but one should not forget that […]

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