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The blue light battle—and some DIY glasses for the win



Tired eyes are often symptoms of strained eyes, especially in the day and age of heavy computer use. About 60.5% of Americans suffer from eyestrain. And many of them believe it’s just something they have to live with. But in reality, the discomfort of eyestrain can be prevented. So if you’re tired of having sore, watery or dry eyes and blurry, tired vision keep reading.

What causes eyestrain?

Blue light is all around us. It’s part of the natural occurring daylight. But our eyes were made, like our bodies, to work in cycles. And with the advent and rise of computers and technology, we’ve lost our natural rhythms. Now, with our eyes staring at computers screens, TV screens and smartphone screens for a good chunk of our waking hours, we’ve fallen out of sync with our eyes’ proper functioning. That is, now blue light is almost constantly flooding our vision and wreaking its havoc. Today, 62% of Americans look at a screen for 5+ hours a day, and 14% for 10+ hours a day.

How to conquer blue light eyestrain

No matter how you parse it, an overabundance of blue light is bad for your eyes. Blue light-blocking glasses are an innovative way to protect your eyes against computer-induced eyestrain. But like all specialty items, they can be pricey, Here’s a thought. Have you had LASIK and thought you were done with your glasses for good? Or do you have an old low prescription pair of glasses hanging around? We’d like to suggest a practical and affordable way to save your eyes. Recycle your old frames and lenses with this DIY project to make your own yellow-tinted blue light-blocking glasses.

Beat the eyestrain with these DIY blue light reading glasses

  •     Electric burner
  •      Thermometer
  •      Glasses with plastic lenses (use lenses with no coatings if possible, as coatings make it difficult for the tint to stick)
  •      Lens holder
  •      An empty container for heating/cooking the lenses in the tint
  •     Preferred BPI tint
  •      Spoon for stirring
  •      Small bowl of cool water
  •      Tissue for drying

Step 1: Carefully pop the lenses out of the frames. Keep track of right and left if the prescription is different in each.

Step 2: Measure some water into the container. Use enough so that as it cooks it doesn’t all evaporate out.

Step 2: Add the tint at a 10:1 water-to-tint ratio. Stir.

Step 4: Heat your tint mixture (in a ventilated area) to 175 degrees or more, then lower the burner to medium heat.

Step 5: Stir the mixture, then grasp your lenses with the lens holder and submerge them in the liquid. Follow the instructions on the tint packaging, as different tints require different cooking times. Check on the lenses every 10 minutes or so. If too much water is evaporating, add in a bit of extra water, and a bit of extra tint.

Step 6: Fill a bowl with enough water to submerge the lenses after cooking. Once the lenses are done cooking, move them into the cool water to cool and set. Keep them there for 20-30 minutes to ensure they are fully cooled.

Step 7: Dry the lenses with a soft tissue.

Sept 8: Pop the lenses back into your frames. VOILA! You’ve just created your very own custom-made blue light-blocking glasses.

Wear these glasses whenever you are at the computer or staring at a screen. But remember, it’s vital to take breaks and exercise your eyes too. For more helpful tips and vision news for beating eyestrain and keeping your eyes healthy and strong, follow us on Facebook.

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