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Cyndi Jamison

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" If you are thinking about having laser surgery--you must know about IQ Laser Vision! I just had my surgery this month, and I can't stop raving about Dr. Lin and his entire staff. From the first call to the after care, everyone at IQ was knowledgeable, kind and personable. They turned what could have been somewhat stressful into a spa-like experience. I was really surprised at how quick and easy the entire process is. And very importantly, I had NO pain! This surgery really is miraculous. I was always concerned about losing a contact while diving or surfing because my eyes were so bad. If I am going to face a shark--I don't want to do it blind...The very next day I could see EVERYTHING, it's fantastic. I don't think my vision was EVER this sharp, even as a child. Next month my brother is flying in from Portland just to see if Dr. Lin can fix his eyes too! "