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Dr. Lau

I am incredibly thankful for the doctors and staff of IQ laser vision for giving me clear vision through the SMILE procedure. As an optometrist, it was surreal learning about the newer procedure back in optometry school and then having the opportunity to take part in it. SMILE stuck out to me, due to how it only required a small incision without the need of the flap in LASIK. I liked that SMILE was minimally invasive and could help with my particular contact lens dryness issue. The process through IQ Laser Vision was extremely thorough from beginning to end. Dr. Lin first introduced me to the procedure letting me know I was a good candidate. The consultation process was informative providing all the steps and eye drops needed. Despite having the usual pre-surgical nerves, Amber, Dr. Tran, and the staff were very understanding and took their time to answer all my questions. The procedure went by extremely smoothly and I felt calm as Dr. Phan explained each step as he was performing the surgery. The next morning, I was able to wake up seeing clearly without the hassle of finding glasses or putting on contacts!

I attended the UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry and completed my Bachelor of Science in General Biology, at UC San Diego. Throughout the majority of those school years, I experienced dry eyes with contact lenses whether it was in lectures or spending time at the beaches of San Diego. I enjoy being active when traveling, outdoors, and at the gym but always had to ensure I had backup glasses in the case my contact lenses were too dry. My vision independence through SMILE has been life changing! I can now continue my work and travel experiences with my new vision!