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Judith C.

San Mateo, CA, Listed in Yelp 200 Challenge - 2014

" I don't think I can accurately convey my excitement and anticipation when I lost my RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses for the 12093810239th time and my mom said, "When you graduate, let's get you LASIK surgery." I HAD (heehehe wooo) a very high prescription and had been wearing glasses since 1st grade, and RGP lenses since 3rd grade. There have been many activities and events that I avoided because of these lenses and glasses.

I came here for a consultation (free, mandatory) to get some tests done and learn about my options. The staff here work like a well-oiled machine; each individual has a specific role and function. The quality of customer service is top-notch. They do not skimp or cut corners with the vision tests, and they double- and triple-checked, which can be a bit time-consuming but when it comes to my vision and my eyes, I'd much rather be safe than sorry. Feel free to ask all the question you have.

One thing to note is that if you wear soft lenses, you should stop wearing them for at least three days before the consultation. If you wear RGP lenses, you should stop wearing them for at least three WEEKS before the consultation. The reason for this is to make sure that the measurements they take during the consultation are accurate and not distorted due to contacts lens wear.

The actual Lasik surgery process was relatively quick and pain-free. Dr. Lin was very calm during the process, which helped a lot. The thing that helped me the most, however, was when the staff assisting him put her hand on mine during this one part of the procedure that was (in my opinion) the scariest.

It's been about a month after my procedure and I sometimes forget that I'm not wearing contacts. My eyesight has been fluctuating a bit but I've been told that that's normal, and it will stabilize as my eyes heal over the next few months and as my eyes become less dry. During my last checkup, my eyesight was declared 20/20. The absolute best part is waking up in the morning and not having to fumble around.

If you're on the fence about getting Lasik, I'd say sooner is better than later. If you've already had contacts and glasses for a long time, why not get checked now? The stronger your prescription is, the more expensive the surgery will be. In any case, the consultation is free so you might as well take the opportunity to learn some more about this and see what your options are.

A special shout out to Julie and Kevin and Dr. Richard for being so helpful, friendly, and welcoming throughout this process! "