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Matt Lindstedt

I felt right at home

Matt Lindstedt


" My name is Matt Lindstedt and IQ Laser Vision recently did my LASIK surgery. Dr. Lin and staff are such an amazing team I felt right at home. I'm now seeing 20/15 in both eyes without any halos at night and just wearing sunglasses throughout the day. This has been such a relief and I couldn't be happier with the results I've received. My dad couldn't believe the results that I was seeing and he too has had LASIK surgery with Dr. Lin. He too achieved the same results and can't believe how long he waited to be able to see life in a new light. I would strongly recommend anyone who is considering LASIK surgery to go to Dr. Lin and the entire IQ Laser Vision staff if they are looking for the best LASIK surgery outcome they can attain. "

Matt Lindstedt