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Thanks, IQ. You guys rock!

Ophelia W.

Los Angeles, CA

" One random day I had decided to start looking into LASIK. I posted a status on my Facebook asking friends what they recommended. I got an overwhelmingly positive response and a majority of friends who don't even know each other recommended Dr Lin at IQ. I signed up for 2 consultations - one with IQ and another at laser eye center.

Steve Higa and the entire staff at IQ were nothing short of amazing. Veronica my coordinator and Kevin who did my eye cleaning with the most enthusiasm I've ever witnessed made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. Every single staff member was so friendly. While I was waiting for my next test, Ed even offered me coffee and made it for me. Now that's customer service!

Before I knew it, I was canceling my other consultation and signing up for a date to get my LASIK done with Dr Lin who took the time between surgeries to say introduce himself and answer questions.

Now the day of the LASIK procedure I was a nervous wreck because as far as major surgeries go, this is as major as it gets. The entire staff was reassuring and STEVE stayed past his work hours to just chat with me and keep me distracted while I waited. THANKS STEVE 🙂

The surgery itself was so darn quick I couldn't believe it. Dr Lin talked me through all the steps and was so calm - really made a difference when you know what to expect when he's cutting and shooting lasers at your eyeball.

Today is the morning after and I'm on the way to my follow up. I CAN SEE!!!!!!!!!! Everyone was right: this is the most incredible feeling ever. I just cannot begin to express my gratitude to Dr Lin, Veronica, Steve, Kevin, Ed and the rest of the staff at IQ Laser Vision for giving me the gift of sight back and for making this the best experience possible.

12/11/13: I have to update this. THEY EVEN SENT ME FLOWERS a month after my surgery! I can't believe how great their customer service is. Thanks, IQ. You guys rock! "