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My vision was dramatically improved

Theresa Lin

Author and TV Cooking Show Host

" My vision was dramatically improved after undergoing Dr. Lin’s MICRO-LASIK® surgery. As a TV host, I need to see well when I'm on camera. However, my vision was so imbalanced because the right eye was seriously more nearsighted than the left. I often lost focus when I was hosting the TV show and looked cross-eyed. Therefore, I decided to have vision correction surgery. After consulting with many doctors, I chose IQ Laser Vision to perform my surgery. IQ Laser Vision has state-of-the-art equipment and a very knowledgeable staff. More importantly, Dr. Lin is a very caring and experienced surgeon, so I placed complete trust in him to perform my procedure. Without a doubt, the surgery was a success! That’s why I would like to speak about my experience at IQ Laser Vision and recommend Dr. Lin to my friends and family with vision problems. As a public figure in the Chinese community, I am very cautious about endorsements. I never endorse anyone or anything without a great reputation or personal experience. After my experience at IQ Laser Vision, I would like to say: IQ Laser Vision is trustworthy and Dr. Lin is excellent! "