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Vivian L

New York, NY

" Long overdue review (I received my procedure in December of 2011) but better late than never right?

So my eyes were bad, like legally blind bad, I think my prescription was -14.0 ish (I'm having trouble remembering now what it was like to be so blind haha). Because my prescription was so high, regular Lasik or even PRK was out of the question. I had to do ICL, which involves implanting a collamer lens (basically a permanent contact) inside your eyeball. Sounds terrifying right?!

Before the procedure my mom had done her research on all the best doctors in this field, reading countless articles and consulting all of her friends in the community. Every source seemed to think Dr. Lin was the best and he's won a bunch of awards! Also, my sister had a Lasik procedure with him the year before me and it had gone very smoothly. I had to start my consultation more than a year before my procedure, since I had been wearing hard contact lens and needed to make the switch to soft contacts a full year before the procedure. Then, the last week or two, I was supposed to be off contacts completely and switched to glasses, so my eyeball shapes could be fully adjusted to their normal state.

As mentioned by another reviewer, I was fine until I thoroughly read all the paperwork about all the risks and possible complications and completely freaked myself out. Do yourself a favor and just sign on the dotted line =P.

During the procedure itself, I won't lie but it was a very scary process. ICL is a much more in-depth procedure than Lasik and the whole thing probably took about an hour, and I was awake the whole time! I was given shots of anesthesia into my eyeball (which hurt!) and then the procedure involved making an incision and then sliding in the collamer lenses. Although very nerve-wracking (they even gave me an anti-anxiety pill beforehand), after the anesthesia shots nothing else hurt, and it just felt like a lot of pressure on my eyes. Dr. Lin was very kind and talked me through what he was doing and advised me when he was almost done. He also gave me a break between eyes.

The recovery time is also a little rough compared to Lasik, my vision wasn't perfect the next day and it probably took a good week for my eyesight to adjust but I am proud to report that I now have 20/15 in one eye, and 20/20 in the other =). Knowing this though, definitely leave yourself a good week to recover without having to go right back to school/work. I was in bed for most of the first few days after.

Laser IQ is also great about follow-up appointments and providing a support system for you as you recover (with 1 day after follow-ups, 1 month follow-ups, 3 month follow-ups, and 1 year follow-ups!). I also got a supplementary minor procedure to fix some lingering astigmatism a year after my ICL procedure, free of charge!

Shooting lasers at your eyes is a scary process, but I can honestly say I wouldn't have trusted my precious eyes to anyone but Dr. Lin. You can do it too, having perfect vision now is so worth it! "