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Here’s the 411 on Dry Eye Month You Need

Have dry, itchy eyes? Do they burn or feel irritated for what seems like no reason at all? These are some of the symptoms associated with a chronic eye condition called dry eye syndrome. You’re not alone if you have dry eyes either, because millions of people around the world suffer from this common condition. […]

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Can I Still Get A Vision Correction Procedure If I Have Dry Eyes?

It may seem like having dry eyes is frustrating at best, but there’s a little bit more to it. If this eye condition is left untreated, it can result in serious complications, including permanent issues with your vision. For those that dream of visual freedom but have dry eyes, it may seem like a vision […]

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Ditch poor eye makeup habits for healthier vision

The average woman spends about $8 per day on her makeup or $15,000 on beauty products in her life.  Eye products make up a large portion of that amount, with $3,770 spent on mascara and $2,750 on eyeshadow. To many people, beauty is one of those things that is worth splurging on. But do they place the same emphasis […]

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Set your computer up for better vision and success

Working at a computer all day isn’t just bad for your eyes. It’s detrimental to your overall well-being, which can also take a toll on your productivity and success. But for most of us, computer use is an unavoidable part of the job. Many of us have simply become used to the feeling of eye strain, […]

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Don’t let cooler weather and dry eyes slow you down

Winter is nigh. And whether you’re in sunny southern California or somewhere in the cooler regions of the world, the approaching season means cooler weather. And while “cool” is relative to your part of the world, your dry eyes don’t differentiate. How the cold affects your eyes Wind and cold weather can take a detrimental, […]

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Why You Should Take Care Of Your Dry Eyes

Whether you have perfect eyesight or require vision aid through contact lenses or prescription glasses, you may be experiencing dry eyes. Underestimating long-term problems associated with dryness of the eye can cause your eye health to deteriorate or be harmed. Dry eyes are a problem that many of us choose to set aside and consider […]

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3 Stages of Dry Eye Treatment

Did you know that July is dry eye awareness month? Maybe with it being summer and the air being dry and hot in certain areas of the world, cases of patients’ complaining about dry eyes increases during summer months. Dry eye is often a dismissed condition. Mild cases are commonly brushed off and people just […]

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