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8 Things Your Eye Doctor May Be Able To Tell You About Your Health

Your eyes may be the windows to the soul but they can also tell you quite a bit about how healthy you are. Eye exams may be used to tell you if you have refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, but you may be surprised to find out what else your eye doctor can […]

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Has The Pandemic Made Your Eyesight Worse?

Have you noticed changes in your eyesight since the pandemic began? Do you think your eyes are more tired, irritated, or less healthy? Most people had to quarantine at home when the Covid pandemic hit in March of 2020. Quarantines and the work-from-home model they caused may be leading to eyesight deterioration. Keep reading to […]

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Don’t mess with your eye color: the dangers of permanent eye color-change surgery (Part I)

When you’ve been providing laser eye surgery procedures for nearly two decades, you hear a lot of interesting questions. And as technological advances in ophthalmology increase, new procedures are gaining a following and raising a whole slew of questions. Thanks to social media and insta-fame, the word is spreading (along with a deep desire to […]

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Plant some healthy vision this spring

Spring has sprung! And April showers might just bring May flowers—or a garden of good eye health. While supplements are great for boosting your all-over wellness, the best way to get your nutrients is still from the original source (of course)—your food. Studies have shown that gardening is good for your overall health, providing a gentle […]

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The quick guide to better vision care for women

Mother’s day is nearly here, and to honor the mother’s in our lives, past, present and future, we’ve put together this quick guide to women’s vision problems so you can give your mom (or yourself) the best Mother’s day ever—the gift of knowledge and better vision. Why women are prone to eye infections and disease Women, in […]

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Ditch poor eye makeup habits for healthier vision

The average woman spends about $8 per day on her makeup or $15,000 on beauty products in her life.  Eye products make up a large portion of that amount, with $3,770 spent on mascara and $2,750 on eyeshadow. To many people, beauty is one of those things that is worth splurging on. But do they place the same emphasis […]

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The swimmer’s guide to healthy vision habits

The spring days are starting to warm up, and you know what that means: Summer will be here before too long. Summer brings with it loads of poolside fun–and the stinging vision of chlorine-exposed eyes. You know the feeling. Red, itchy, dehydrated eyes and blurry or temporarily distorted vision. With summer fun is on the […]

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The blue light battle—and some DIY glasses for the win

WIN Tired eyes are often symptoms of strained eyes, especially in the day and age of heavy computer use. About 60.5% of Americans suffer from eyestrain. And many of them believe it’s just something they have to live with. But in reality, the discomfort of eyestrain can be prevented. So if you’re tired of having sore, watery […]

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Want To Save Your Eyes? Set your Office Up For Success

When the Bureau of Labor Statistics published their “The Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States” list in 2013, full-time office work made the cut. Between diabetes, back pain. obesity and the effects of a sedentary life, office work has an unwelcome effect of shortening lifespans. But there are other, more immediate effects that many people […]

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Set your computer up for better vision and success

Working at a computer all day isn’t just bad for your eyes. It’s detrimental to your overall well-being, which can also take a toll on your productivity and success. But for most of us, computer use is an unavoidable part of the job. Many of us have simply become used to the feeling of eye strain, […]

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Better vision care for adults 60+ years young

By the time you reach your 60s your eyes have seen and experienced a lot. Despite the ups and downs of life and vision care across the spectrum, you’ve reached a new level that the Office for National Statistics identifies as the happiest stage of life. Perhaps it’s the fact that you finally have a moment […]

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Better vision care for young adults 18-44 years old

Young adults are always on the go. From your day job and post-work meetups; hanging out with friends and changing the world; having adventures and making a difference. You 18-44 year olds don’t have the time to sit still and worry about poor vision. But yours is also the age group when eye problems often begin to […]

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