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SMILE! Better Vision Is Around The Corner


People are smiling big after getting the SMILE vision correction procedure. Why? Because they’re seeing better than they’ve seen in a long time—and maybe ever.

Who are all these smiling patients? People just like you. Said Joshua, one of many happy patients, “Before SMILE, my glasses were a constant hassle. After SMILE, I can rock climb, run and play with my kids with no worries. My barrier is gone!”

And now there are even more reasons to smile because the SMILE procedure is the advanced technology you’ve been waiting for. With nearly two million procedures performed worldwide, it’s now available in California. It’s been FDA approved to deliver permanent, clear vision, and is now FDA-approved for use in treating astigmatism too.

What is the SMILE procedure anyway?

We know; SMILE sounds more like a dental procedure, right? But the acronym stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE). The SMILE procedure is an advanced form of laser vision correction designed to reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses and contacts and get permanent clear vision.

You may have heard of the other forms, like LASIK or PRK. SMILE is the latest and most advanced iteration of laser vision correction. It’s been around for more than a decade now and has been performed in more than 65 countries by more than 1,300 surgeons. And thanks to them, more than two million people are SMILE-ing today and seeing life in all its beauty.

SMILE is a quick surgery and the first minimally invasive laser vision correction procedure. In fact, the SMILE procedure only takes a few minutes from start to better vision. And the laser portion lasts less than a minute. During the procedure, your surgeon will only have to make a small incision in your eye to enable corneal reshaping. Eyes recover quickly, getting most people back to their normal lives as fast as the very next day thanks to less dry eyes and only a very small incision. If you’ve been reluctant to fix your eyes, know this: since only the outside of your eye is being smoothed out, there’s no chance of blindness.

(And if you wear eye makeup, have no fear because you can wear it the very next day after getting SMILE!)


SMILE is typically considered the gentler form of laser vision correction. Because SMILE’s incision is small and affects fewer corneal nerves, your corneas will be stronger than after LASIK. You’ll be able to swim, etc, and resume your normal, adventurous life as soon as the very next day. LASIK, on the other hand, is a two-step process that uses one laser to create an incision in the eye and another to correct the shape of the cornea.

Both SMILE and LASIK have been proven to provide amazing results for patients, leaving them smiling bigger and seeing better. SMILE and LASIK are technologically advanced procedures meant to improve your eyesight and your life. LASIK has been the treatment standard for more than two decades, and now SMILE offers a more advanced, gentler treatment option.

What makes you a good SMILE candidate?

Are you nearsighted or have problems seeing far objects and wishing you could change that and improve your vision? Or do you suffer from astigmatism? If so, SMILE may be right for you. The gentle approach of the SMILE laser procedure reduces the risk of post-surgery dry eyes, making it a great option for patients who already suffer from dry eyes. But every patient is unique, and the best way to determine if SMILE or another laser vision correction procedure is right for you is to schedule a consultation with your ophthalmologist. After examining your vision, your goals and your eyes’ anatomy, your ophthalmologist will be able to determine and recommend the best vision correction procedure specifically for you.

Ready to start smiling yourself? See if SMILE or LASIK is right for you by booking a free consultation today by emailing or calling 888-539-2211. We’re excited to help you achieve your best life by improving your eyesight.

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