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Easy Tips for Better Eye Care

Why You Should Take Eye Care Seriously Where would you be without your eyesight? Your eyes are the tools that allow you to enjoy the beauty of the world around you. They help you to read exciting books and check your posts on Facebook or Instagram.  We use our eyes every day for a multitude…
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Need LASIK? Your Company May Help With That.

More companies than ever are focusing on helping their employees feel their best, see their best, and be their best. And we’re excited to see that so many of them recognize how important LASIK and other corrective eye procedures are to the process--particularly in a screen-glued culture of eye strain and premature ocular aging. After…
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SMILE Today for Better Vision Tomorrow

SMILE has been gaining traction around the world for the last decade—and in that short time it’s already achieved millions of spectacular results. If you haven’t yet heard of this amazing vision correction procedure, don’t worry. We’re about to share what may just be the best news of your life (or at least the best…
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5 Staycation ideas to beat the back-to-school blues

Summer vacation has come and gone. And that means that the long, carefree days, the exotic trips and the fun and adventure have come to an end. Or have they? Just because summer is over and school is back in swing doesn’t mean you have to relegate yourself to a fate of the same-old. Whether…
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Correcting Presbyopia with the KAMRA Inlay Implant

Time to start the new year without your reading glasses! Do you hear what I hear?  Can you see what I see?  Happy Holiday folks! What a way to end the year! Inside Edition featured the KAMRA INLAY with IQ Laser Vision’s surgeon, Dr. Robert T. Lin performing the procedure.  So if you struggle with reading…
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Ziemer (All Laser LASIK)

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